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Small Towns, Big Challenges

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In The Moment … June 29, 2020 Show 848 Hour 1

News: Mar 7 -13

Mar 13, 2020

We continue with our coverage of COVID-19, talk CAFOs with South Dakota Newswatch, hear an SDPB special report on Native American foster care, and much more in this week's In the Moment news podcast.

CAFOs With South Dakota Newswatch

Mar 9, 2020
Lee Strubinger

In The Moment ... March 9, 2020 Show 769 Hour 1

South Dakota Newswatch ran a two-week investigative special on the livestock industry recently. You can find it online at According to that report, the state has seen a 15 percent rise in the number of CAFOs over the past decade. Bart Pfankuch says the stakes are high in terms of both risk and reward. 

Rapid City Journal

In The Moment ... September 4, 2018 Show 414 Hour 1

What's the state of South Dakota's rivers and waterways? An investigative series from South Dakota News Watch says river quality is at risk.

Bart Pfankuch has spent nearly 30 years as a reporter and editor. A former editor for the Rapid City Journal, he is now an investigative reporter for South Dakota Newswatch.

He joined In The Moment to discuss the threat on water quality in South Dakota.