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Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... November 12, 2019 Show 698 Hour 1

From tasty traditions to the annual holiday gift guide, South Dakota Magazine's November/December issue is now available. Editor-at-Large Bernie Hunhoff and Managing Editor John Andrews join In the Moment to visit about some of the issue's highlights.

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Steve Munsen

In The Moment ... August 6, 2019 Show 631 Hour 1

What lies across South Dakota's 1300-mile border? South Dakota Magazine's Bernie Hunhoff and John Andrews ventured outside the state for the July/August cover story.

They join In The Moment to visit about their findings which just might turn into a daytrip for you!

Steve Munsen

In The Moment ... May 13, 2019 Show 574 Hour 2

South Dakota magazine editor John Andrews joins us for a look inside the pages of the May/June issue of South Dakota Magazine. Today we focus on a feature on Governor Frank Farrar.

In The Moment ... March 21, 2019 Show 540 Hour 1

The Big Sioux is a river impaired. South Dakota Magazine featured an article by Jerry Wilson in its March/April issue called "Troubled Waters." It looks at what's happening to the Big Sioux along with its potential for the future.

Author and environmental writer Jerry Wilson joins us on the phone. We're also joined by Peter Carrels. Peter is a board member for Friends of the Big Sioux River. He's a long-time river activist and editor of the Friends of the Big Sioux River newsletter.

Rosebud's Demon

Mar 13, 2019
South Dakota Magazine

In The Moment ... March 13, 2019 Show 534 Hour 1

The 1952 Rosebud blizzard and the flood that followed created conditions as dangerous as any storm in South Dakota history.

As another demon of a storm descends on South Dakota, writer Paul Higbee discusses his feature column "Rosebud's Demon" which appears in the March/April edition of South akota Magazine.

The Good Shearer

Mar 12, 2019
South Dakota Magazine

In The Moment ... March 12, 2019 Show 533 Hour 2

Because there are fewer and fewer sheep shearers, owners of the wooly creatures sometimes have to call upon shearers from hundreds of miles away for their annual tonsorial service.

Bernie Hunhoff, editor at large for South Dakota Magazine, writes about those trying to keep the field alive in the March/April edition cover story, "The Good Shearer."

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... March 5, 2019 Show 528 Hour 2

Tomorrow, the Great Plains Writers’ Tour Creativity Symposium on the campus of Mount Marty College in Yankton begins. Bernie Hunhoff is editor-at-large of South Dakota Magazine. His talk is called Finding Creativity in Unlikely Places and begins at 2pm in Marian Auditorium. Author Kent Meyers’ talk, “Some Creative Enigma’s” is at 12pm. Beginning at 7, there’s a panel discussion on creativity.

Sky High South Dakota

Dec 11, 2018
South Dakota Magazine

In The Moment ... December 11, 2018 Show 477 Hour 1

A new book from South Dakota Magazine showcases our state from the cockpit of a Super Cub aircraft.

South Dakota Magazine Managing Editor John joined us to tell the story behind this project.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... May 15, 2018 Show 337 Hour 2

Pack the kids and the cooler in the car and head out for the great South Dakota road trip. But this summer, give travel a twist. The editors of South Dakota Magazine encourage you to "Travel Like It's 1938" with the May/June issue of the magazine.

 Managing Editor John Andrews is with us. We talk with him about his Fairburn Agate hunting journey as well as summer road trips.

South Dakota Magazine

In The Moment ... February 6, 2018 Show 271 Hour 2

The January / February issue of South Dakota Magazine explores "South Dakota's Enduring Mysteries."

John Andrews is Managing Editor of the magazine. He wrote the piece and joins us to talk about it.

The Stockholm Pianos

Nov 20, 2017
Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... November 20, 2017 Show 224 Hour 2

It's a South Dakota town where pianos outnumber people, and it's all because of Steve Misener. You can read about him in the current issue of South Dakota Magazine. We’re joined by Bernie Hunhoff, editor at large, and Steve Misener, piano tuner and collector.

South Dakota Magazine

In The Moment ... November 6, 2017 Show 214 Hour 1

South Dakota Magazine managing editor John Andrews stops by to highlight a couple of features in the new November/December issue.

We joke about it more than eat it, but lutefisk is serious business in parts of the state.

Plus, we look at the tradition of winter deer hunting in South Dakota.

Andrew Bork

In The Moment ... September 11, 2107 Show 174 Hour 2

As fliers associated with white supremacy make their way to South Dakota (some were recently found in Sioux Falls) state residents are reminded that neo-Nazi sentiments are not a thing of the past. How do we address nationalism, racism, and Nazi sympathies today? We begin with a look at history.

In The Moment ... August 28, 2017 Show 165 Hour 1

Students at Harrisburg High School are soon going to be able to participate in an early college program which would allow them to earn college credit at no cost to them while still in high school. Joining us today to expand on this program is Superintendent of the Harrisburg school District Jim Holbeck. Welcome to In The Moment.

In The Moment ... June 6, 2017 Show 108 Hour 2

From Alexander Hamilton's Church in the Hills to a new green space in Rapid City, Paul Higbee covers the territory for the May/June issue of "South Dakota" magazine. Joining us for the conversation is journalist/columnist Paul Higbee.

It's time to shake off the memory of school, lose the remote control under the couch, and launch your family into the great outdoors of South Dakota. Lynn Spomer is a Division Staff Specialist with South Dakota Game Fish & Parks. She joins us to talk about Great Outdoors Month.

In The Moment ... March 8, 2017 Show 045 Hour 2

The 92nd South Dakota Legislative Session wraps up this week as lawmakers make their final decisions and wait for word from the Governor's office regarding vetos. The Dakota Political Junkies join us Wednesdays to explore the top political stories in the state. This week we welcome Jon Hunter (publisher of the Madison Daily Leader) and Seth Tupper (enterprise reporter for the Rapid City Journal.)

In The Moment ... March 2, 2017 Show 41 Hour 1

In 2015 Douglas Preston climbed aboard a rickety, single-engine plane carrying  laser technology on loan from NASA that could map the terrain under the dense rainforest canopy. He was looking for a lost civilization. What he discovered was life-changing. Douglas Preston's new book is called THE LOST CITY OF THE MONKEY GOD: A True Story.

In The Moment... February 28, 2017 Show 039 Hour 2

Annie Lloyd is founder of the Buffalo Gals, an organization that moves beyond networking to deeper connection and community transformation. Annie joins us to talk about women in conversation, women in community, and the upcoming Living Our Legacy conference in Rapid City.

South Dakota Magazine Managing Editor John Andrews previews the July/August issue - everything from a Native American christening ceremony to the Black Hills.

South Dakota Magazine managing editor John Andrews stops by Dakota Midday to talk about the latest issue. From creating an ethic of thoughtfulness to gathering the Spiritual Places of South Dakota, Andrews gives listeners (and readers) an editing room glimpse into the inner workings at South Dakota's premiere magazine.

South Dakota Magazine

John Andrews, Managing Editor of South Dakota Magazine talks about the Nov/Dec issue that focuses on the 125th Anniversary of Wounded Knee.  We discuss the stories, oral histories, photographs, and art related to Wounded Knee.

With summer season officially underway, many South Dakotans are making plans for camping. In the May/June 2015 issue of South Dakota Magazine, special projects coordinator Rebecca Johnson writes about a few of the state's “primitive” campsites for those who want a more rugged adventure. The magazine also features a cover story about John Lopez’s “bone yard sculpture” and some advice for graduates from a South Dakota perspective. Johnson and managing editor John Andrews joined Dakota Midday and discussed a few of the current issue's highlights.

For the past thirty years, South Dakota Magazine has explored the state's varied cultures and landscapes. The magazine has captured the past and the present. It's shared stories from the main streets and back alleys and farms and ranches across the state. It's celebrated both the well-known and lesser-known South Dakotans who've the state unique.

For South Dakota Magazine's  July/August cover story, “Mayoral Likes,” the publication's staff spoke with mayors across the state from Aberdeen to Winner to find one thing in each community that might surprise or entertain travelers and readers.

Dances With Wolves - 25 Years Later

May 20, 2014

Twenty-five years ago, few would have believed the story of how South Dakotans participated in making an epic western.  South Dakota Magazine Publisher Bernie Hunhoff penned "Too Good To Be True: Dances, 25 Years Later" in the May/June issue.  He discussed his feature article and how the movie has affected South Dakota over the years.

Horse Racing Season

Mar 19, 2014
South Dakota Magazine

The 2014 South Dakota Horse Racing Association's season begins the weekend of April 19-20 at the Stanley County Fairgrounds in Ft.

Bernie Hunhoff, publisher of South Dakota Magazine, and Vermillion pilot Denny Martens talk about the latest issue of South Dakota Magazine. The cover story in the July/August issue of South Dakota Magazine, "South Dakota's Wild Blue Yonder," is devoted to the adventures in the state's skies in the years since the first recorded flight in South Dakota on March 9, 1911. Denny Martens flew for the University of South Dakota for 41 years and writes about the night his plane hit a flock of snow geese.

"Town Ball" With Mel Antonen

May 16, 2013

Organized amateur baseball, often called "town ball," celebrates its 80th anniversary this summer.  Mel Antonen has written a story in the May/June edition of South Dakota Magazine about six men who, for decades, have managed amateur baseball teams in small South Dakota communities.  Antonen grew up in Lake Norden, South Dakota.  He currently writes about baseball for and is a commentator on Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles TV broadcasts.

Spelunking In South Dakota

Mar 21, 2013

Don Kopp has written about his experience exploring rarely seen reaches of Jewel Cave in the cover story in the March/April 2013 issue of South Dakota Magazine.  Kopp accompanied Black Hills caving pioneers Herb and Jan Conn on a journey to Metrecal Cavern several years ago.  The route passed through openings only a few inches wide.  Kopp, a spelunking enthusiast, explored dozens of caves during his 29-year career with the state Division of Forestry.  Kopp was joined on Dakota Midday by South Dakota Magazine editor Katie Hunhoff.