South Dakota Highway Patrol

In The Moment ... September 7, 2017 Show 172 Hour 2

We begin the hour with Retired Brigadier General Robert Benson. You can hear him speak about his more than 30-year career with the South Dakota National Guard this weekend as part of the South Dakota Veterans forum. That's 9 a.m. to 11, mountain time at the South Dakota Air and Space Museum.

Dr. Richard Holm is host and creator of On Call With the Prairie Doc. He joins us to preview tonight's program on SDPB-TV with the theme of dental care for the elderly.

In The Moment ... August 1, 2017 Show 146 Hour 2

A diverse law enforcement team can be a more empathetic and community-oriented team. The most diverse class of new Highway Patrol officers recently graduated from training in Pierre. Joining us with insight is Colonel Craig Price. He's superintendent of the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Law enforcement in three states want people to know they won’t tolerate drunk driving. Officials in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota are encouraging people to plan for a safe ride, be the sober driver for others and call authorities if they see dangerous driving. They say they’re collaborating ahead of the Labor Day holiday. Part of their effort to reach people includes a family’s pain.

Officials say, in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa, 1,215 people have died in drunk driving-related crashes in the last five years. One of those was Brad Bigler’s five-month-old baby.

People on South Dakota interstates can legally drive 80 miles per hour beginning Wednesday. State lawmakers included the 5-mile increase in a transportation funding bill. Governor Dennis Daugaard signed the measure. Most bills approved by the state legislature and the governor take effect at the start of the state’s fiscal year on July 1st. But the transportation bill has an emergency clause, so the law goes into effect on April 1st.

Police Service Dogs Take Time Off To Rest

Jun 17, 2014

Police Service dogs need vacations too. Officials say downtime is important for the thirteen police service dogs that work in the state.

Highway Patrol Service Dog Unit Supervisor Lieutenant Scott Sheldon says the dogs work hard while on duty.