South Dakota Health Care Association

In The Moment...January 24 2017 Show 014 Hour 1

Guests: Hayley Brooks, genocide studies advocate; LuAnn Severson, director of public affairs and public development with the South Dakota Health Care Association; SD Senator Neal Tapio;  Jim Allan, retired forest service employee and public lands liason


A 107-year-old South Dakotan woman is receiving an award recognizing life. The Century Club program allows families to nominate those who live past their 100th birthday, exuding wisdom and positive contributions to the state.

Bertha Mohr is this year’s Centenarian of the Year. At 107 years old, she is the current oldest member of the South Dakota Health Care Association’s Century Club. Mohr lives in Eureka and enjoys a long life full of family and German cuisine.

Officials Seek State’s Oldest Person

Jun 14, 2016

The South Dakota Health Care Association is looking for the oldest person in the state. Currently Bertha Mohr of Eureka is the oldest known South Dakotan. She recently celebrated her 107th birthday.

LuAnn Severson is with the South Dakota Health Care Association. She says the Century Club started in 1997. Severson says officials track South Dakotans who have passed their 100th birthday.