South Dakota Farm Bureau

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

The president of the South Dakota Farm Bureau says they’re not overreacting to proposed Chinese tariffs on soybeans just yet.
Scott VanderWal says President Donald Trump has a unique method of negotiating, which he says could be about larger world issues.
He says the administration might use tariff’s to get countries to the negotiating table.
However, VanderWal says they’re working to make the administration understands the severe consequences if negotiations go wrong.

Meat Packer Bill Reintroduced

May 16, 2016
South Dakota Public Broadcasting

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa is sponsoring legislation to ban meat packer ownership of livestock.   The move aims to end what some call a monopoly in the meat industry. Critics say meat packers that also own livestock control too much of the market and hurt smaller family farms and ranches.

The South Dakota Farm Bureau has a new executive director. Krystil Smit is starting as the head of the state’s largest agriculture association later this month. 

Krysti Smit has a long history of working with agriculture in the state. From growing up on a farm to becoming an advocate for Ag, she says she wants to make the organization an open door for consumers and producers.