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Chynna Lockett

In The Moment ... August 27, 2018 Show 409 Hour 2

The Internet fuels our educational opportunities, our social interactions, our economic prosperity, our political influence, our community engagement, and our access to lifesaving healthcare services.

In The Moment ... September 5, 2017 Show 170 Hour 1


In The Moment ... August 23, 2107 Show 162 Hour 2

Dakota Political Junkies Seth Tupper (Rapid City Journal reporter) and Jon Hunter (Madison Daily Leader publisher) join us for our weekly round-table conversation about South Dakota politics. Today we talk about self-described “Wingnuts,” non-partisan elections, citizen democracy, and national calls to tear down a presidential statue in Rapid City.

Author Paul Higbee is with us for a look at South Dakota’s “Cowboy Governor” Tom Berry. We talk dustbowls, debt, and Democrats.

South Dakota Dashboard

South Dakota had begun to narrow the education spending gap with neighboring states at the start of this decade, but state budget cuts in 2011 widened the difference and the gap has continued to grow in recent years. That’s according to an analysis of data by South Dakota Dashboard.