South Dakota Corn

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

The Renewable Fuel Standard is a federal program authorized in 2005 requiring fuel sold in the United States to contain a certain amount of renewable fuel.  A waiver program was put in place to help small refineries disproportionately affected by these programs.  Some South Dakota corn producers say recent expansion of the waiver program under the Trump administration is having a negative impact on the state’s ag industry.

Scott Stahl is the Vice President of South Dakota Corn Growers.  He says South Dakota has benefited from the renewable fuel industry.

SDSU Wins Showdown Series Taking Home Corn Trophy

May 31, 2016

South Dakota State is taking home its third corn trophy. The trophy is part of a charity fundraiser that pits SDSU against the University of South Dakota each year. The organization South Dakota Corn created the series four years ago as a way to raise money for families in need of food assistance. This year the games raised $66-thousand dollars for Feeding South Dakota.