Sioux Falls Police Department

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Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns says the department’s existing policies are already in line with calls for police reform. 

Chief Burns outlined eight measures that are often mentioned in reform discussions. They include de-escalation and the duty of officers to intervene if another is using excessive force.

Chief Burns says existing policy fits the national calls for reform.

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The newest member of the Sioux Falls Police Department is neither man nor woman, but it has a name thanks to area school children. Agent 605 was chosen over Boomer and Trax in an effort to give the SFPD's new bomb robot an identity.

Sgt. Terry Matia discusses the contest which helped the robot, which was funded by a Homeland Security grant, find a name. 

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As of yesterday, America has seen 317 mass shootings in 2017. In case you're keeping track, there were 483 in 2016. Today we talk about what’s changing (and what’s staying the same) in preventing and preparing for active shooters. Joining us is Lt. Jeff Garden with the Sioux Falls Police Department.

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First responders and medical professionals are assessing their performance during a mock helicopter crash. They held the drill Tuesday morning. Crews began by pretending they had Avera helicopter on the Sanford landing pad and people were hurt. 

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Law enforcement officers soften their stern authority to better serve people experiencing mental health crises. Training in Sioux Falls tests their ability by simulating real-life scenarios. Twenty-five officials learn new policing strategies in Crisis Intervention Training.

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Judges, attorneys, and law enforcement endorse a bill in South Dakota’s Statehouse that aims to ease mental health problems for people entering the justice system. House Bill 1183 is a measure that changes competency assessments, creates training for people who work in criminal justice, and encourages works that helps people avoid unnecessary arrests or extended time in jail.

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Sioux Falls search and rescue crews recovered the body of a man trapped in a collapsed building. Fire Rescue chief Jim Sideras says crews found the body in a void just before 6 p.m. Friday. 

The frenzy in Downtown Sioux Falls slowed as rescue efforts changed to recovery work. Fire fighters stood unmoving near a response vehicle. They watched silently as several of the colleagues worked calmly digging through the rubble pile and eventually removing a man's body from the wreckage. 

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One woman is alive after being trapped in a collapsed building in Sioux Falls, and crews are searching for a man they believe is underneath the rubble. The building used to be home to the Copper Lounge. It was under construction and included business and living spaces.

The intersection of 10th Street and Phillips Avenue usually hums with the sound of traffic. Now it rumbles as a payloader scratches the pavement and bobcat scrapes boards and broken materials into piles. Machines tow a car from underneath bricks that tumbled down when a building collapsed.

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A Sioux Falls doctor is accused of human trafficking after authorities rescued a teenage girl from his home. Officials say they arrested 36-year-old Jonathan Cohen Tuesday after the victim called 911 for help.

Authorities say a 16-year-old from Georgia was reported a runaway in August. Sioux Falls Police Lieutenant Mike Colwill says she met Jonathan Cohen on an internet dating website and traveled to meet him.

Rapid City Police Department

So far, the data shows South Dakota has largely been immune to the opioid drug abuse epidemic affecting other areas of the country.  In 2014, only one death resulted from a heroin overdose in the state.

Now, law enforcement officials in Rapid City and Sioux Falls are reporting an increase in heroin and other opioid drug use.  Since the start of 2016, at least ten South Dakotans have died from opioid overdoses.

Rally In Support Of SF Police

Jul 15, 2016
Erin Mairose

Fatal shootings across the country in recent weeks have left police officers and civilians dead.  Thursday night people gathered in Sioux Falls to show appreciation for the local police force. 

Holding signs and flags, people walk along a busy street and gather outside the Sioux Falls police station. One of those rallying here is Carol Miller.

“I think the cops do a wonderful job and it’s a scary job and then need support,” says Miller.

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People who don’t pay attention while driving in Sioux Falls are now more likely to be pulled over. City officials are teaming up with the police department on a campaign to curb distracted driving. State law bans texting while behind the wheel across South Dakota. Now Sioux Falls leaders are looking beyond cell phones.

Sioux Falls Police Department

Police in Sioux Falls want help solving a missing person case that’s more than four decades old. Authorities say Ellabeth Lodermeier vanished in the '70s when she was 26 years old. Officials are asking for any information available on the anniversary of her disappearance.

Police Detective Pat Mertes says he has indications that Ellabeth Lodermeier is dead, but law enforcement are still trying to figure out what happened when she went missing 42 years ago.

Mertes says Lodermeier’s estranged husband was the last person to see her alive, and she vanished March 7, 1974.

Sioux Falls Police Department

Sioux Falls police need help finding a 13-year-old boy who ran away from home. Officials say Donlyn Newholy disappeared from the Downtown library around 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

He’s Native American, about five feet tall and 110 pounds. The teenager has brown hair and brown eyes. Authorities say he was last seen in a grey sweater, black pants. Newholy was wearing black and white shoes and carrying a grey backpack.

Anyone who has information about Donlyn Newholy should contact Sioux Falls Police Department at 605-367-7000 or dial 911.

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A Sioux Falls Police officer says a weekend shooting involving federal authorities is one example of local law enforcement collaborating with other agencies. The FBI is leading an investigation into a South Carolina murder suspect killed by a US Marshal Saturday in Sioux Falls.  

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Four children and their parents are alive after first responders saved them from carbon monoxide poisoning. Sioux Falls emergency leaders say the deadly gas has no smell, no taste and no color. That makes it hard to detect. Family members are telling their story of a close call to encourage others to purchase carbon monoxide detectors.

Michael Holloway says his weekend started as usual. His family stayed in bed Saturday while he got up to make breakfast for everyone. Holloway says he realized something was wrong when his daughter said she couldn’t feel her legs.

Sioux Falls Police Department

Authorities are looking for a man they believe raped a 14-year-old girl in Sioux Falls. Police say the suspect is armed and dangerous, and they want anyone who sees him or the van he’s driving to call 911.

Officials are searching for 41-year-old Frederick McAbee. He’s a black Sioux Falls man who is about 5'9" tall and weighs 165 pounds. Authorities believe he is driving a gray 1999 Chevy Express. That’s a full-size cargo van. The license plate is 1BMC21.

Rapid City Police Chief Karl Jegeris began his career in 1995 as a patrol officer.  He worked his way through various positions and on June 23, 2014 he was sworn in as Chief of Police.  Chief Jegeris holds a bachelor's degree in law enforcement from Mankato State University and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns began his career with the department in July of 1996.  He served as a Patrol Officer, Fraud Detective, Patrol Sergeant, and Assistant Chief. He took over last month as Chief of Police. 

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A 19-year-old Sioux Falls man is dead after a weekend shooting that involved drugs and alcohol. Officers say Mikael Ashame died early Saturday morning from a gunshot wound. The man who shot him is in custody, and authorities arrested another person who owns the gun.

Sioux Falls police officials say they responded to a shooting first as a 911 hang up. Someone said a man shot himself, and another story was a man in a ski mask came in and shot someone. The investigation shows one man is dead following an accidental shooting.

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Friday afternoon Dough Barthel walks out of the Sioux Falls Police station for the last time.  He has worked there as an officer and chief for nearly 30 years.  He walks out as the second longest serving chief of police – having been in that role for 12 years.  Chief Doug Barthel says he decided to become a police officer in high school.

Sioux Falls Police Chief Doug Barthel says he is looking forward to less stress, no more 3 am wakeup calls.  But he says he will miss being in the know.  And he says absolutely NOT will you find him sitting and listening to a scanner. 

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Leadership in the Sioux Falls police department changes next month. The current assistant chief is taking over as chief, and the mayor has appointed a new second-in-command. Both men share a similar vision that emphasizes community.

The faces of top law enforcement in Sioux Falls are familiar, but their titles are changing – even to Mayor Mike Huether.

"But it is probably why it was such an emotional day when Galen – I’m sorry. I’ll call you Galen just for only the one time," Huether says. "But you’ve earned Captain, and you certainly have earned Assistant Chief, Galen."

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Two people face felony human trafficking charges after Sioux Falls police met with two victims. Officials arrested one man and one woman accused of sex trafficking, and they took two more people into custody for drug charges.

The human trafficking investigation started Monday when officers found an ad online related to prostitution. They arranged a meeting with two women.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Assistant Police Chief Matt Burns is the mayor’s choice for the next leader of the Sioux Falls Police Department. Current chief Doug Barthel is leaving the force after more than 12 years in command. The newly-announced chief already has priorities for his tenure.

Matt Burns has spent almost 19 years with Sioux Falls Police. He became assistant chief in March. Now Mayor Mike Huether says Burns is his pick to lead the department.

Sioux Falls Police Department

Authorities in Sioux Falls say officials found card skimmers on two bank ATM machines. Thieves place the devices to capture financial information so they can gain access to accounts. Police say this is the first time they’ve found credit card skimmers in the area. 

Officials say they believe no one’s card information is compromised after skimmers recorded sensitive material at two ATMs in the southwest part of the city.

Baby Death In Sioux Falls May Be Homicide

Aug 10, 2015
Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Sioux Falls Police say they suspect that the death of a baby last week was not an accident. Authorities are looking for the girl’s father; he faces abuse and drug charges. Meantime officials are trying to understand what happened to the girl before emergency responders got to the baby’s home.

Kayleigh Joy Schumm was two and a half weeks old when she died last week at a Sioux Falls hospital. Authorities say it happened a day after the baby stopped breathing while home with her father.

SF Man Arrested For Human Trafficking

Jul 17, 2015
Kealey Bultena / SDPB

A Sioux Falls man is in jail after authorities say he forced a woman into prostitution for multiple years in several cities. Officials say they responded to a call Tuesday that connected them with the victim.

Authorities in Sioux Falls say a 43-year-old woman is safe after two to three years of forced prostitution. Officer Sam Clemens says earlier this week the victim and her abuser argued.

"And that ended up with him punching her several times and then kicking her – kicking her specifically in the head numerous times," Clemens says.

Sioux Falls Police Department

Updated 12:29 p.m.: Sioux Falls authorities say several people called in tips that they saw the teenager. He was found safe and is reunited with his family.   


Police in Sioux Falls say a 15-year-old with developmental disabilities is missing. His name is Samuel, and his family says he functions in the range of a seven-year-old.

Authorities say he left the family’s camper in town around 8:30 a.m. Thursday. Officer Sam Clemens says officials don’t believe Samuel intends to run away, and he’s likely wandering.

During an early morning robbery in Sioux Falls, a gas station clerk grabbed the gun from a robber. It was the second robbery in as many hours, and authorities suspect the same person is responsible for both crimes.

Officer Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department says a man first threatened a gas station clerk with a gun at about 3:45 Monday morning. He got away from the Get N Go on North Cliff Avenue with cash.

Clemens says officers think the same man tried to rob another Get N Go on Louise Avenue less than two hours later.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

During the Fourth of July weekend celebrations, Sioux Falls Police responded to nearly 270 calls about fireworks, but they issued zero tickets. Officer Sam Clemens says authorities have that discretion when it comes to citations.

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Authorities arrested four people overnight Thursday during a sobriety checkpoint. Officers discovered three people were driving under the influence, and another person had drugs. Nearly 2000 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, and officials administered 155 breathalyzers.

Around 11:30 p.m., bright flood lights illuminate a stretch of Interstate in Sioux Falls. Hundreds of cars follow orange plastic cones and flashlights, and each car pairs with a law enforcement officer. Trooper Codie Schmeichel with the South Dakota Highway Patrol introduces himself to a driver.