Sioux Falls Lincoln high school

Nate Wek

The forty-second annual Floyd Farrand Invitational wrestling tournament is taking place at Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls Thursday and Friday of this week. This is a double elimination individual tournament that features some of the best high school wrestling programs in South Dakota.

This annual event began in 1975 when Floyd Farrand, who was the Lincoln High School athletic director at the time, wanted to create a tournament outside of the state championships, to showcase the talent in the state.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Many teachers spend their summers preparing for class by attending seminars, plotting lesson plans, and incorporating technology into coursework. Yet one instructor in Sioux Falls goes dumpster diving. Meet a longtime woods teacher who is not afraid to plunge into his work.

Bob Darkow’s classroom is so typical it’s borderline boring. He has scrawled the classes he teaches in black marker on a white board attached to a beige cinderblock wall. Dark blue plastic chairs rest under school desks grouped in pods of four. A shiny, wooden rectangular box sits on one surface.