Sexual Abuse

Cham Phan

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Sasha Joseph Neulinger's interest in film started in early childhood as he grew up around cameras. His father, also a filmmaker, often brought equipment home.

Neulinger is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. As an adult, he turned his interest in film making into an opportunity to revisit the trauma of his childhood, tell his story to the world, and change the lives of other survivors.

Preventing Gender-Related Violence In South Dakota

Nov 30, 2018
Lee Strubinger

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A new United Nations report on gender-based violence shows that women around the world are far more likely to die at the hands of someone they know. 

On average, one hundred thirty-seven women across the globe are killed by intimate partners or family members per day. The 2018 report looks at so-called honor killings, violence against sex workers, and even killing women due to accusations of sorcery or witchcraft.


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The 18th annual Community Response to Child Abuse conference is this Thursday and Friday at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.  The days are filled with speakers, workshops and a luncheon address Thursday by Governor Dennis Daugaard.

Following the governor is a keynote address by our guest.  An attorney and author, Olga Trujillo is also a survivor of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her father. 

Kevin Woster: Rejecting The Idea Of Shutting Up

Sep 27, 2018
Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... September 27. 2018 Show 431 Hour 1

From the shifting nature of news to the gift of the South Dakota outdoors, SDPB's Kevin Woster writes about life and politics, people and the wild that surrounds us.

Today he discussed his later post about the recent sexual-assault accusation on Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

USD Hosts First 1BlueString Music Festival

Sep 24, 2018
Jackie Hendry

College campuses are often considered ground zero for risks of sexual assault, but many are becoming centers of conversations around consent and prevention. On Friday, the University of South Dakota hosted a music festival to highlight a population that’s often ignored in those conversations

Bridget Diamond-Welch is the director of USD’s I CARE. It’s a group of university staff, students, local law enforcement and others who are on the front lines of responding to sexual assault on campus.

Lori Walsh

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Should the South Dakota Attorney General's Office ask for confidential Catholic Church records on past allegations of sexual abuse?

SDPB's Kevin Woster tackles the issue in his blog. You can read it at

Matthew Sandusky
Erin Mairose

Matthew Sandusky is an advocate and survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Between the ages of eight and 17, he suffered abuse at the hands of his adopted father Jerry Sandusky. The former Penn State football coach was convicted in 2011 on rape and abuse charges.

Matthew Sandusky was the keynote speaker at a child sexual assault conference in Sioux Falls August 18th.   He says community members need to become figures of empowerment to prevent childhood sexual assault.

Playwright Matthew Stoffel discusses the Monstrous Little Theatre Company, how writers tackle topics deeply emotional topic and overcome self-doubt, and the future of contemporary theater in Sioux Falls.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

A federal law now requires colleges to educate students and staff on preventing sexual assault. The guidelines are called the Campus SaVE Act. It’s a response to the growing number of reports that rape and sexual violence are rampant on university campuses across the US.

South Dakota colleges are complying with the Campus SaVE Act to make higher education a safer environment. Some college participants are more vulnerable to encountering sexual assault.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

The first person to reveal a famous football coach molested him says the justice system should better help victims of sex abuse. Aaron Fischer was a high school student when he told authorities Jerry Sandusky sexually abused him. Fischer is in Sioux Falls for the Violent Crime and Sex Trafficking conference to share his story with advocates and health workers, and he admits he’s not done healing from the abuse.

Dawn Hennessy says she knew something was wrong when her respectful teenager became unrecognizable.

Survivors of child sex abuse and advocates for those victims want lawmakers to address the abuse. Senate Bill 154 establishes a task force to study the impact of sexual abuse of children. Not one lawmaker in committee opposes the effort.  

Mary Beth Holzworth is in the state Capitol for her sons. Two of her three boys survived sexual abuse.

Church Sex Abuse Cases Dismissed

Jan 13, 2014

A 7th Judicial Circuit Court judge has thrown out a number of civil lawsuits against the Catholic Church that allege past sexual and physical abuse in Native American boarding schools.   

One case included a series of detailed letters written by clergy that plaintiffs say clearly show the church knew about sexual abuse of minors decades ago but covered it up.

Stopping Sex Trafficking In South Dakota

Jan 8, 2014

Stopping sex trafficking is a priority for U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson.  Johnson formed a sex trafficking task force last spring.  Law enforcement officials say Sioux Falls' location makes the city enticing to traffickers.  It's near the Twin Cities and close to the Sturgis motorcycle rally, hunting and North Dakota's oil fields.  Johnson said there are close to 100 victims in the Sioux Falls area alone.  He added that a collaborative effort among law enforcement can only help investigators who usually encounter resistance from women caught trying to sell sex.

Mita Maske Ti Ki (My Sister Friend's House)

Jan 7, 2014

Sarah Johnson, an advocate at Mita Maske Ti Ki (My Sister Friend's House), a women's shelter in Sioux Falls, joined Dakota Midday as part of SDPB's series examining sex trafficking in South Dakota.  Mita Maske Ti Ki is a safe zone that offers transitional housing for women of all ages, races and backgrounds.  Johnson explained how their grassroots effort to empower women with education, job skills, health care and a safe place to achieve their goals of freedom is a daily challenge.  85-percent of the women finding shelter at Mita Maske Ti Ki are Native American.  The shelter offers a cultur

South Dakota law enforcement achieved another victory this week against human trafficking.

Tajahn Clinton, 35, of Sioux Falls pleaded guilty to sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion. He faces at least 15 years in prison.

U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson says authorities are focused on stopping human trafficking, including both those who profit from the crime and people who support the illegal, violent trade.

Sexual Abuse In Catholic Schools

Apr 9, 2013

A set of letters recently filed in a court case against the Catholic Church details allegations of sexual abuse against Native American children at the Saint Francis Mission in the late 1960s and early 70s. SDPB's Charles Michael Ray has been examining the documents in the case.