Senator George McGovern

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Fifty years ago today, Robert F. Kennedy was shot in a California hotel. He had just won the primary in California and South Dakota. On the 40th Anniversary in 2008, then Dakota Midday host Paul Guggenheimer talks with former Senator George McGovern who was a colleague in the senate about his memories of June 5, 1968. Also Bill Dougherty, the campaign manager for Robert Kennedy's Presidential campaign in South Dakota about his memories. Audio also includes listener memories and other archived audio.

Feeding South Dakota

Oct 31, 2012

Interview with Matt Gassen, executive director of Feeding South Dakota. After the death of George McGovern last week, his family asked that donations be made in his memory to an organization that distributes food to needy people across the state. The family's request is paying off for Feeding South Dakota, which has received donations of about $16,000 in the week since McGovern's death. Matt Gassen says the organization has been processing a lot of donations since McGovern's family asked for such donations instead of flowers.

Senator George McGovern Dies in Sioux Falls

Oct 21, 2012

Former Senator George McGovern died today in hospice care in Sioux Falls. He was 90 years old. McGovern encountered age-related medical conditions that led to his death.

McGovern served in South Dakota in Congress for almost a quarter century, both as a U.S. Representative and Senator. McGovern lost the 1972 presidential race against Richard Nixon by a landslide; Nixon later resigned amid the Watergate Scandal.