Senate Education Committee

In Their Own Words

Jan 26, 2021

In The Moment … January 26th, 2021 Show 978 Hour 2

For today's "In Their Own Words" segment, we take you inside the Senate Education Committee as members first round of testimony on Senate Bill 68. It's a bill that would establish community school guidelines with flexible curriculum emphasizing native language and cultural interests. A similar bill was approved in the Senate last year but failed in the House. 


The Senate Education Committee unanimously passes a bill to allow for the creation of community-based schools centered on Native American language and culture curriculum.

The approval comes after a lengthy amendment process to bring the Governor’s office and Department of Education on board.

The Senate Education Committee ends the legislative session with a debate on the merit of certain resolutions and the federal Department of Education. A resolution calling for South Dakota’s congressional delegation to support dissolving the department moves to the senate floor without a recommendation. 

Senator Stace Nelson is the resolution’s prime sponsor. He tells the committee this is an issue Republicans have pursued on a national scale since the Department of Education was established in 1979.

South Dakota LRC

The Senate Education Committee is sending a bill creating an early learning advisory council to the 41st day. South Dakota is one of seven states without state funded preschools.

The twelve members of the council outlined in Senate Bill 132 include governor-appointed representatives from multiple government agencies--including the departments of education, health, social services, and the legislature. Other members include Head Start providers, parents, and the business community.

Bill Requiring Pledge of Allegiance Passes Committee

Feb 27, 2014

Students in South Dakota may soon say the pledge of allegiance each school day. A bill requiring the pledge passed a Senate committee Thursday.