Seed Theater

Barefoot Dance Studio Makes Art From Movement

Mar 31, 2017
Chynna Lockett

Movement is a form of storytelling for many types of artists. The Barefoot Dance Studio in Rapid City is home to a variety of classes that teach students to use their bodies for self-expression.

A group of 7 women work on choreography during a modern dance class at the Seed Theater.

Andrea Schaefer is the instructor and owner of the building.

Schaefer: “I am in my 10th year of business here and I have been a dance teacher for a long time.”

Lockett: “What kind of different dance classes do you teach?”

Layne Putnam's new EP (as the indie rock duo LAYNE) is called The Black Hills. Putnam joins Dakota Midday to discuss her current tour, the inspiration of her childhood home, and the energetic music scene of Los Angeles.

LAYNE plays The Seed Theater in Rapid City on Monday, August 22.

A federal law now requires schools to offer programs to help raise awareness, lower risk, and help prevent campus sexual assault. Jason Reuter, operations manager of the Black Hills Playhouse, sits down with Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh to discuss how actors can address thorny social issues. Reuter has partnered with School of Mines & Tech, playwright Matt Stoffel, and other community and theater members to initiate a conversation about violence against women through drama.

Dakota Midday: Mystery Pills

Oct 22, 2015

The Rapid City based band Mystery Pills was listed on the 50 Best New Bands in America in 2012 by the Boston Phoenix.  Today, the band’s leader Jason Ward is putting out a brand new set of songs that add to his past critically acclaimed work. 

Mystery Pills are playing a show at the grand opening of the Seed Theater in Rapid City this weekend

Ward spoke with SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray about his latest works alongside his songwriting and recording efforts.