Bread & Circus

In The Moment … January 6th, 2021 Show 967 Hour 1 Diners, Drive-ins and Dives serves up more South Dakota flavor this Friday night when they premiere a new episode that includes Bread and Circus, located downtown Sioux Falls. Find the episode at 8 p.m. Central on the Food Network.  Guest: Barry Putzke, Bread and Circus co-owner. 


$5 Million In Meat Processing Grants, Explained

Jan 6, 2021
Lura Roti

In The Moment … January 6th, 2021 Show 967 Hour 1 One hurdle facing those wanting to raise livestock and sell directly to consumers is production capacity. Five million dollars in meat processing grants have been announced to help address this issue and more via a program proposed by Gov. Noem during the state budget address.  Guest: Hunter Roberts, South Dakota Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources 


Mike Henriksen & Cindy Bahe

In The Moment … January 5th, 2021 Show 966 Hour 2

A new book consists of twenty stories told by those that lived them, many of them took place in South Dakota. Guests: Mike Henriksen and Cindy Bahe 


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SDPB News Podcast: Jan 6

Jan 6, 2021

South Dakota's congressional delegation comments how they might vote ahead of certifying Electoral College votes today.

New American Soybean Association President

Jan 6, 2021

In The Moment … January 5th, 2021 Show 966 Hour 2

Soybean prices hit a six-and-a-half-year high on New Year's Eve. Can they go even higher in 2021? The two years leading up to last Thursday have been marked by flooding, tariffs, and uncertainty. Guest: Kevin Scott, president of the American Soybean Association 


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Vitrutal Soil Health Conference

Jan 5, 2021

In The Moment … January 5th, 2021 Show 966 Hour 1

January 6th and 7th, the 5th Annual Soil Health Conference takes place albeit virtually. Breakout sessions, and panel discussions will take place from various featured speakers. Guests: Loran Steinlage, farmer and equipment innovator from West Union Iowa, and Nick Jorgensen, CEO of Jorgensen Land and Cattle 


Goals Of The SD Soil Health Coalition

Jan 5, 2021

In The Moment … January 5th, 2021 Show 966 Hour 1

The South Dakota Soil Health Coalition aims to educate people on the importance of soil health. In 2015, it was decided that there was a need for this coalition to be created. Doug Sieck is a farmer, rancher, and producer. In The Moment producer Chris Laughery talked with Doug ahead of the 2021 virtual soil health conference. 


Google Earth Engine

In The Moment … January 5th, 2021 Show 966 Hour 1

Members of the public are invited to provide input about the management of the Gavins Point Dam and Lews and Clark Lake. It's one of the state's popular resort parks, and the lake has a sedimentation problem.  Guests: Tim Cowman, South Dakota's State Geologist and the director of the South Dakota Geological Survey, and Mark Rath, Department of Environment and Natural Resources 

Images of the Past

Jan 5, 2021
Spearfish Canyon Lodge/Facebook

In The Moment … January 5th, 2021 Show 965 Hour 1 There's an old saying that If you don't like the weather in South Dakota, just wait around a few minutes and it will change. That was certainly true in the Northern Black Hills during the winter of 1943 when a warm wind brought the temperature in Spearfish from minus four degrees to 45 degrees Fahrenheit in just two minutes.... a world record for fastest temperature change that still stands. Guest: Gary Enright, director of the 1881 Courthouse Museum in Custer


SDPB News Podcast: Jan 5

Jan 5, 2021

South Dakota's remaining death-row inmate is challenging his guilty plea and death sentence from 2001.

Chief Justice Gilbertson Looks Back On His Career

Jan 4, 2021

In The Moment … January 4th, 2021 Show 965 Hour 1

He has served the Unified Judicial System for over 3 decades, and is the longest-tenured chief justice of the South Dakota Supreme Court in state history and currently in the United States. His retirement is on the horizon and he joins us with a look back on his career.

Guest: Chief Justice David Gilbertson

COVID-19 Update With Dr. Shankar Kurra

Jan 4, 2021

In The Moment … January 4th, 2021 Show 966 Hour 2

It took only 11 months to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. The 2 approved vaccines from Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna are being distributed across South Dakota. Some hesitate to get the shot for various reasons, but healthcare professionals encourage those over 18 to get it regardless of prior infection.

Guest: Dr. Shankar Kurra, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Monument Health

Avera Behavioral Health

In The Moment … January 4th, 2021 Show 965 Hour 1

SDPB News Podcast: Jan 4

Jan 4, 2021

The 2021 state legislative session is fast approaching and it’s not clear whether legislators are required to show up in person for coronavirus mitigation efforts.

SDPB News Podcast: Dec 31

Dec 31, 2020

Monument Health officials in Rapid City say they have vaccinated nearly all of its front-line healthcare workers. The USDA releases the latest numbers on egg and milk production in the state.


A new company is bidding for some of the mineral rights associated with 40 orphaned natural-gas wells in northwest South Dakota, raising the prospect that some of the wells could eventually go back into production. 


SDPB News Podcast: Dec 30

Dec 30, 2020

Weather experts sum up a year of weather throughout 2020.


Gambling revenue from Deadwood casinos is almost even with last year. That’s despite a one-month shutdown in the spring because of the pandemic.

SDPB News Podcast: Dec 29

Dec 29, 2020
NPR / Getty Images

The Oglala Sioux Tribe is vaccinating healthcare, nursing home and long-term care facility workers. All this and more in today’s SDPB News Podcast. Find it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify toda

OST Starts Vaccinating Frontline Healthcare Workers

Dec 28, 2020
NPR / Getty Images

The Oglala Sioux Tribe is vaccinating healthcare, nursing home and long-term care facility workers.

SDPB News Podcast: Dec 28

Dec 28, 2020
Google Earth

The Army Corps of Engineers is gathering public input for updating their master plan for Gavins Point Dam and Lewis and Clark Lake.

SDPB News Podcast: Dec 23

Dec 23, 2020

The COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Moderna arrives in South Dakota. This and more in today’s SDPB News Podcast. Find it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify today. 

Global Forest Watch

It seems like a simple idea: Plant a trillion trees around the world.  


It would help with the fight against climate change, because trees pull carbon dioxide – a heat-trapping greenhouse gas – out of the air.  

Since 1976, the Lakota Nation Invitational has been the top high school basketball invitational in South Dakota. What started as purely a basketball event, the LNI now consists of everything from cultural and academic events to a multiple arts and crafts competitions as well. The action on the court, though, still drives fans, players, and schools to Rapid City each December for this annual event.

SDPB News Podcast: Dec 22

Dec 22, 2020

Avera Health looking to expand their Behavioral Health Center in Sioux Falls.

SDPB News Podcast: Dec 21

Dec 21, 2020
Sioux Falls Development Foundation / Google Earth

Amazon is building a new fulfillment center in Sioux Falls.

Moment In Sound With Scott Simpson

Dec 18, 2020
Mike Simpson

In The Moment … December 18, 2020 Show 964 Hour 1

Scott Simpson is back with us for Moment in Sound. Simpson is a Black Hills-based singer-songwriter who is less than a month away from the release of his 29th album! Guest: Scott Simpson. 


SDPB News Podcast: Dec 18

Dec 18, 2020

Preparations for the upcoming legislative session are underway and state lawmakers say they like Governor Kristi Noem's proposed use of one-time money.

In The Moment … December 17, 2020 Show 963 Hour 1 In just a decade, South Dakota voters went from rejecting medical marijuana use, to passing it in a statewide initiative. Guest: SDPB's Lee Strubinger, politics and public policy reporter, speaks to New Approach South Dakota Executive Director Melissa Mentele.


SDPB Previews: On Call With The Prairie Doc®

Dec 17, 2020
On Call with the Prairie Doc®

In The Moment … December 17, 2020 Show 963 Hour 2 People have the ability to look into family history through the use of genetics. Maybe one knows that cancer runs in their family, would they benefit from genetic counseling? On Call with the Prairie Doc® is on SDPB TV Thursday nights at 7 central 6 mountain.  Guest: Dr. Kelly Evans, an internal medicine doctor with the Avera Medical Group a member of the team of Prairie Doc® physicians. 

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