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Happy Halloween from PBS KIDS

Oct 31, 2014

Check out these PBS KIDS activities.  Games, activities for families, interactives and more!

More Than a Mapp

Oct 23, 2014
Independent Lens

More Than a Mapp is a free iPhone and iPod app that allows users to discover and contribute to the African American history that exists all around us.

Educators Guide:

Earth Friendly Halloween Craft

Oct 23, 2014

Want to make a hauntingly easy AND recyclable craft? Don't throw out that egg carton, recycle it with Plum Landing.

FREE Space Racers App

Oct 20, 2014
Space Race, LLC.

Space Racers, a new series on SDPB, has a NEW App! The brand new FREE SpaceRacers! App is a twist on traditional flying games, with 8 engaging worlds and 32 rounds of game-play. Through self-directed play, children will explore the concept of cause and effect as they pilot the spaceships through progressively challenging – and engaging – courses.!/id918543410?ls=1&mt=8  

The Space Racers series airs on SDPB TV, Thursdays, 2:00pm CT.  

PBS NewsHour

Ebola is one of the world’s most virulent diseases. It comes from an extended family of viruses called Filoviridae, which also include the deadly Marburg virus.

As the virus spreads and medical workers feverishly battle to contain it, PBS NewsHour wanted to know, how exactly is this virus transmitted from human to human?  Read the following article to learn more about the process of transmission.

Science Friday: Picture of the Week

Sep 26, 2014
Science Friday

Do you like to look at cool science/nature photos? If the answer is yes, then check out Science Friday's “Picture of the Week" blog!  

Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup

Sep 26, 2014

Buffalo have had a place in Custer State Park since the first herd of 36 animals was brought to the park in 1914. Thriving in their native habitat, the herd quickly outgrew the amount of forage available on the park's pastures and rangelands. Park managers faced the prospect of losing both the rangeland and the buffalo, but they knew that by occasionally gathering together almost all of the buffalo and culling a select few from the herd, the forage would be conserved and the buffalo and other grazing animals in the park would likely have enough to eat year after year.

How Did SD Tourism Look in 1938?

Sep 18, 2014

In 1938, the Burlington Northern Railroad produced and distributed a film in an effort to draw people to the Black Hills. The film would likely have been shown in movie theaters in advance of the featured program. Watch the film today and then compare it to modern tourism videos.


Sep 18, 2014

NEW! Social Skills Video Series for Preschool Children

SDPB is Excited to Offer Affies4Kids. The Affies4Kids® Preschool Series introduces parents and children to modern-day fables, told through charming 5-minute videos. The friendly characters teach positive affirmations crafted specifically for kids.

Clip Art

Listen: Can you hear the difference between three different guitars; a $5,000 Martin, a $275 baby Taylor and a $100,000 1938 Martin D-28? 

Try the audio quiz below from Nashville Public Radio to see if you can!

Images of the Past

Sep 12, 2014

"Images of the Past" is a South Dakota Public Broadcasting project to make historical films, photos and other media available to a general audience. These mostly one-of-a-kind artifacts and their associated stories are being made available as online articles and occasionally, as TV programs on SDPB.

Black Hills State University - 1913 - Film shot in 1913 shows an event at Spearfish Normal School, the educational institution then on the site of what I now Black Hills State University.

Homemade Fossils

Sep 5, 2014
Anne Campbell

This is a great combination... coffee and crafts. Make cool fossils with your used coffee grounds.  

Momatiuk - Eastcott/Corbis


Scientist believe they have solved the mystery of the moving rocks of Death Valley.  For many years scientist have proposed numerous theories to explain how 50+ rocks appear to move across California’s Death Valley.  Now with the help of GPS/video technology, the mystery appears to be solved…. see for yourself. 

NPR Story:

Nature Match

Aug 26, 2014
PBS Parents

Spend some time outside this holiday weekend with this interesting outdoor nature activity from PBS Parents.

How Smart Are Dolphins?

Aug 26, 2014
NOVA scienceNOW

It is often said that dolphins are one of the smartest animals on the planet.  Is this true? View the following video from NOVA scienceNOW for an inside look at some fascinating studies.

Oceti Sakowin: The People of the Seven Council Fires

Aug 14, 2014

For six-hundred years we have lived under the misconception that Columbus discovered America. What he did was stumble on a land already occupied by many people and many nations. In the center of that land were a people who call themselves Oyate: “the People”. This is their story, in their words.

Eight Awesome After-School Snacks

Aug 14, 2014
PBS Parents

Eight awesome after-school snacks from the Kitchen Explorers archive at PBS Parents.

Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

Aug 6, 2014
PBS Parents

PBS Parents - Parents are always looking for ways to keep their kids happy and entertained during the summer. This easily customizable pool noodle obstacle course is perfect for a kid’s play date, party or a family time in the yard. You can find pool noodles just about anywhere (I got loads of them at the dollar store), so pick some up and get started; you won’t believe just how easy it is.  

Memory Loss and Music

Aug 6, 2014

Science Friday: Why do musical memories linger long after other memories have faded? That question is at the heart of a new documentary, Alive Inside, which looks at the effects of music on people living with Alzheimer’s and other age-related dementias. Film subjects Oliver Sacks and Dan Cohen explain why music acts as a backdoor to memory and share tips for enjoying music with the elders in your life.

Light of the Prairie: Stained Glass in South Dakota

Jul 25, 2014

Are you traveling the state this summer and visiting older churches, building or homes with stained glass windows?  Did you know that clear glass was often used as a placeholder to reduce cost with the hopes of replacing them when additional funds were available? The documentary “Light of the Prairie: Stained Glass in South Dakota” touches on the history and culture of stained glass windows in South Dakota.    

Join Today and Read for a World Record!

Jul 25, 2014

Play, explore and read with PBS KIDS! Help break a new reading world record this summer by clicking on Summer Challenge.

Best Summertime Activities Ever!

Jul 9, 2014
Camp PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia has gathered some fun, exploratory resources for you to use as you plan summer fun. This collection of resources is ideally suited for parents, camp counselors and other summer educators looking for educational activities to include in their daily schedule, as well as resources to help seed ideas for introducing topics to campers.

Backyard Games and Activities

Jul 3, 2014
PBS Parents

Spend some fun in the sun this holiday weekend with these awesome outdoor ideas from around the web. Create a giant Jenga set, make a water wall or go on a nature scavenger hunt.

Watch the Lakota Berenstain Bears Online Today!

Jun 27, 2014
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe & Lakota Language Consortium

Raining outside? Watch an episode of the Matȟó Waúŋšila Thiwáhe (Lakota Berenstain Bears) TV series. The Lakota Berenstain Bears Project was a joint venture of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Lakota Language Consortium, with the goal of bringing the Lakota language to family across all Lakota-speaking communities in North and South Dakota, and well beyond.

Weekend Project!

Jun 27, 2014
PBS Parents: Crafts for Kids

Colorful Suncatcher This is a great project to do with your children any time of year, especially during the summer. Try this creative sun catcher from PBS Parents!

Plum's Photo Hunt APP

Jun 19, 2014

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? Get kids exploring outdoors with this free photo app from PBS KIDS! Plum’s Photo Hunt is part of PLUM LANDING, an environmental science media property designed to get kids excited about exploring the wonders of our planet.

How Do You Stop Forest Fires?

Jun 19, 2014
NPR: Science Friday

The Goat Brigade: Preventing Wildfires in Southern California Armed with appetites and attitudes, brush-clearing goats will mow down weeds and shrubs from even the steepest of Southern California’s hillsides. Perfectly adapted to a life of constant browsing, these ruminants are being deployed as a shield against the region’s rampant wildfires. We join Ian Newsam, owner of Brush Goats 4 Hire, and his “elite” herd of goats as they reduce the invasive plants and fuel that contribute to the fires.

DIY Shoe-Tying Board: Practice tying shoes with this easy cardboard craft!  Not only will your child learn how to tie their shoes, the craft is fun to make also! Check out this cool activity at PBSparents: Crafts for Kids.

Frozen Frogs

Jun 6, 2014

Is the Summer Too Hot and Humid for You? Cool Down with Frozen Frogs Wood frogs freeze solid in winter then thaw back to life and mate in the spring. How do they do it? Scientists have now figured out how to recreate this extraordinary process of cryopreservation with mammalian organs. To date they have successfully frozen, thawed, and transplanted rat livers and pig hearts. Their dream? Enhanced preservation of human organs for transplant.