Several fatal accidents that involve vehicles colliding with pedestrians and bikers in South Dakota are prompting law enforcement to remind drivers to be extra careful.

South Dakota Highway Patrol Lieutenant Paul Gerken says drivers should stay aware of their surroundings and double-check before making turns or lane changes.

Law enforcement officials say the number of arrests for possession of marijuana is not on the rise in South Dakota even though it is now legal to buy and sell just two states away in Colorado.

Major Dana Svendsen is the Assistant Superintendent for the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

He says many of those cited for possession say they did however purchase the marijuana in Colorado.

Amy Varland

Some South Dakota law enforcement agencies are using social media to reach out to the public, and they say it’s working.  Officials say Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are some of the latest tools police are using to engage communities and fight crime.

Social media is not just for fun – law enforcement officials in South Dakota say they are using social media for official business.

Community Relation Specialist for the Rapid City Police Department Tarah Heupel says it’s proving to be a valuable tool.

Police Service Dogs Take Time Off To Rest

Jun 17, 2014

Police Service dogs need vacations too. Officials say downtime is important for the thirteen police service dogs that work in the state.

Highway Patrol Service Dog Unit Supervisor Lieutenant Scott Sheldon says the dogs work hard while on duty.