Arc Of Dreams

May 7, 2018

In The Moment ... May 7, 2018 Show 331 Hour 2

Sioux Falls prepares to make a sculptural leap of faith. In order to climb into the sky, first you have to turn some dirt.

Today we discuss the Arc of Dreams. Jim Clark, and Paul Schiller join us.

Sculptor Of Dignity Talks Engineering

Jan 20, 2017
Chynna Lockett

The sculptor behind the Dignity statue near Chamberlain presented a talk on the engineering details about the project. The 50 foot tall statue of a Native American woman holding a star quilt was unveiled last September.

Dale Lampherea is a South Dakota artist laureate and sculptor the Dignity statue. He clicks through a series of photos projected a large screen in Rapid City’s Journey Museum.

“Here we’re building the foundation and footing and base for it. You can see how much steel is in there. The case ons go down 25 feet, 30 inches in diameter...”

Dakota Midday: Dignity Dedication

Sep 19, 2016

The 50 foot statue named Dignity now stands on the Missouri River bluff near Chamberlain. It depicts a young Lakota woman wrapping a star blanket around her shoulders.

SDPB's Charles Michael Ray attended the dedication. He shares some of his reflections on his own experience along with the sights and sounds of the event. 

Click play below to listen.

Photo by Karlee Moore

The artist working on the sculpture called “Passage of Wind and Water” at Rapid City’s Main Street Square started the fourth year of his five-year project.

Children are running though water sprinklers at Main Street Square at 10 o’clock on a Friday morning. It’s about to be another very warm summer day in western South Dakota. It's here I meet Masayuki Nagase at his “home-away-from-home” since 2013.

I welcome Yuki Nagase to Rapid City and ask how many stone he plans to work on this year.

Kenzie Wagner

Architects are closing their slideshows to study hands-on innovation and collaboration in the Black Hills area. Design in the Hills is a conference of architecture professionals largely held outdoors. We’re joined by three architects to discuss the unique elements of design in the Black Hills spaces and the nature of the design professions in South Dakota. They also talk about exciting new projects in engineering, sculpture and design.

First Nations Sculpture Garden Moves Toward Goal

Jan 1, 2016
First Nations Sculpture Garden

A new installment in a downtown Rapid City park aims to recognize the history of Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people in this region and highlight contributions of 20th century Native Americans.

 The First Nations Sculpture Garden has broken ground in Halley Park in the center of Rapid City and organizers are now working toward their fundraising goal in order to finish the project.

Nagase Completes Badlands Tapestry Garden

Nov 7, 2014
Photo by Masayuki Nagase

Masayuki Nagase has completed the second year of work on his Passage of Wind and Water sculpture at Rapid City’s Main Street Square. The finished art piece will reflect the archeological, geological and cultural history of the Badlands and the Black Hills. We visited with the artist to discuss what he’s accomplished on the 5-year project so far, and what’s on the agenda for 2015.

Photo by Joleen Zoller

The “Passage of Wind and Water” sculpture project at Rapid City’s Main Street Square is having an impact on diverse sections of the Black Hills community – from local students to area and regional artists. We visited the Rapid City Performing Arts Center recently for a cross-artistic theater presentation featuring modern dance, film, poetry, and music inspired by the largest privately-funded art project in the country.

Sculpture Project Call For Writers

Mar 27, 2014
Photo by Jim Kent

The Passage of Wind and Water Arts Collaborative is looking for writers to submit material for a choral poem about Rapid City’s Main Street Square sculpture project.

Lend your voice and become part of a community collaboration through written word. That’s the message being sent out to area writers who’d like to share their thoughts, ideas, observations, and reflections as inspired by the Badlands or The Passage of Wind and Water Sculpture Project. 

New Curricula Explores Sculpture Project

Feb 13, 2014
Photo by Jim Kent

  An innovative curricula has been developed to bring Rapid City’s Main Street Square Sculpture project to local schools. The sculpture, called The Passage of Wind and Water, is an interpretation of the topography, wildlife and diverse cultures of the Black Hills and the Badlands.

Created by an award-winning teacher, the program is being taught to local educators through a Teachers Learning Circle over a 3-month period.

"Draft Horse" Sculpture On Exhibit

Dec 10, 2013

John Lopez's scrap iron sculpture “Draft Horse” is on exhibit at Prairie Berry winery in Hill City.  There’s a reception this Saturday from noon to 3 pm.  Over the past decade, Lopez has been working on The City of Presidents project in Rapid City.  John Adams, John F. Kennedy and John, Jr., Calvin Coolidge, Teddy Roosevelt and Ulysses S. Grant are a few of the presidents Lopez has placed on the street corners so far.  He also worked on sculptures of former governors Arthur Mellette and Harvey Wollman for the Trail of Governors in Pierre.



Sculpting 101 At Main Street Square Pt. 2

Oct 1, 2013
Photo by Jim Kent

To be a sculptor you need two primary tools – a hammer and a chisel. To complete a sculpture with those tools you need talent, training, practice and most of all patience. Today we return to Rapid City’s Main Street Square for more insight on how to create art from stone in “Sculpting 101”.

First Sculpture Project Stones Complete

Aug 21, 2013
Courtesy Main Street Square Sculpture Project

The first two stones sculpted in the Main Street Square “Passage of Wind and Water” art project have been completed and made accessible to the public. Work is set to begin on the next section of the largest privately funded public art project in the country. 

The protective barrier that enclosed the first stones sculpted by Masayuki Nagase has been removed. 

Project spokesperson Anna Huntington says this allows people complete access to the artist’s work.

Courtesy Main Street Square Sculpture Project

As work continues on the Passage of Wind and Water project at Rapid City’s Main Street Square, the artist who’s creating the massive sculpture is offering informal talks on his progress.

Masayuki Nagase is approaching completion of his work on the first two granite stones in the Main Street Square sculpture project. 

In an effort to keep the community involved in his work, Nagase is opening his Dahl Arts Center studio to the public.

Yuki Nagase says his goal is to offer as much information as possible about the project and himself.

Main Street Square Sculpture Project Started

Jul 11, 2013
Photo by Jim Kent


Work has begun at Main Street Square on the country’s largest privately-funded public art project.

Called “The Passage of Wind and Water”, the massive sculpture is slated to take three to five years to complete and brings a world class artist and his talent to downtown Rapid City – in the next installment of our continuing series on the project.



Artist Completes Sculpture Model

Jun 10, 2013
Courtesy of Masayuki Nagase

A plaster model for the country’s largest privately-funded public art project has been completed by the sculptor. The “Passage of Wind and Water” sculpture at Rapid City’s Main Street Square is scheduled to begin taking shape next month.

Masayuki Nagase has completed a 1-inch to 1-foot scale model for the 21 granite stones he plans to carve at the center of Rapid City.

The artist says the model assists him in planning the sculpting process he’ll use on the actual stones.

Although Nagase has done considerable work on the model, he says it’s far from complete.

New Billy Etbauer Sculpture

May 29, 2013
Express Ranches

Five-time World Saddle Bronc Riding Champion and Ree Heights native Billy Etbauer is coming to Ft. Pierre this weekend for the unveiling of his life-sized statue.  The unveiling takes place Saturday at 1:30 p.m. in the Johnny Smith Memorial Sculpture Garden at the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center.  Etbauer and his family currently raise horses in Edmond, Oklahoma.

"Will Be" Sculpture

May 29, 2013

Several Rapid City area children are working with Los Angeles artist Bridget Beck in creating a sculpture on which kids can play.  Six of those children will travel to Los Angeles in July to work with Beck in a studio at UCLA on a sculpture called "Will Be."  Local coordinator Holly Sortland attended high school with Beck in Rapid City.  Sortland has founded Project Respect while Beck is a member of the Heart Project in Los Angeles.  They are both working with children to prevent destructive behavior.

Rapid City Arts Project

Apr 29, 2013

Anna Huntington, community arts coordinator for the Rapid City Arts Project, joins the program. This summer, Japanese born California artist Masayuki Nagase begins carving a 21-piece granite sculpture on Rapid City's Main Street Square. A committee of arts and civic leaders chose Nagase out of an international pool of 88 applicants through a year-long selection process. His preliminary design for "The Sculpture Project: Passage of Wind and Water" is based on his experience of the beauty and power of nature in the Black Hills and Badlands of Western South Dakota.

Artist Requests Community Input On Sculpture

Feb 15, 2013
Photo by Jim Kent

Having the country’s largest privately-funded public art project created in the center of town is a coup for any city. Having that distinction when the local population is well under 100,000 is something to talk about.

And that’s just what people are doing on today’s Dakota Digest as we visit with West River residents to ask their opinion on a two million dollar sculpting project planned for Rapid City’s Main Street Square.