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Sanford Lab Signs Cooperative Agreement With DOE

20 hours ago
Matthew Kapust/SURF

The South Dakota Science and Technology Authority has signed a cooperative agreement with the Department of Energy’s Office of Science. Now, federal money will flow into the Sanford Underground Research Facility’s operations in Lead. 

Mike Headley is the Executive Director of the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority. 


“This is a really big deal for South Dakota. These cooperative agreements like this are fairly rare at this scale.”  


Chynna Lockett

A new machine in the Sanford Underground Lab is helping scientists study the elements of the universe. This is the first of its kind in the United States.

The Compact Accelerator System for Performing Astrophysical Research, or CASPAR, project is getting ready to collect data about the universe. CASPAR uses a low-energy particle accelerator beam to help scientists understand what elements stars create.

Kealey Bultena

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High Hopes For DUNE At Sanford Lab

May 16, 2016

Scientists from across the country gather at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology this week to talk about an upcoming experiment at the Sanford Lab. The project is called DUNE.

DUNE isn’t only an award winning sci-fi novel, but also an acronym. It stands for deep underground neutrino experiment. The project is a collaboration between Sanford Lab and Fermilab.

BHSU Opens Underground Campus In Sanford Lab

May 10, 2016
Amy Varland

The Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead recently added a new facility that allows college students to aid in research. Black Hills State University faculty say the underground campus  encourages science students to become involved with experiments.

Charles Michael Ray

Researchers on a major experiment deep in the Homestake Mine released the results of the latest run of the LUX dark matter detector on Monday December 14th.

So far, LUX has not found direct evidence of dark matter.   Researchers are hoping for tiny flashes of light inside the chamber of liquid xenon that would indicate an interaction with theoretical dark matter particles.   

But researchers say the results from this latest run of LUX are still scientifically significant. 

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Interview with Dr. Chang Kee Jung, Research Coordinator with the Long Baseline Neutrino Facility and associated Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment and professor of physics at the State University of New York Stony Brook.

Dr. Chang Kee Jung will deliver a presentation on “What’s Physics Got to do with Sports?” Thursday at 5:45 p.m. at Black Hills State University. His talk will focus on the effects of spinning and non-spinning balls in popular sports, including baseball, football, soccer and volleyball.

Chynna Lockett

The Sanford Lab doesn’t just inspire scientists and historians. It also inspires artists. Black Hills State University student Jesse Dunaway wrote a choral composition about the Lab.


Dunaway sits at a piano as he discusses the project. He says the local area inspired him.

Innovation: Mike Headley

Jul 10, 2015

Mike Headley, Executive Director of the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority, visited about Neutrino Day.  Events are scheduled for Friday and Saturday (July 10-11) at the Sanford Lab and the Homestake Opera House.  Click here for more information.

New Sanford Lab Visitor Center Opens In Lead

Jul 1, 2015
Chynna Lockett

The Sanford Lab opened a new visitor center in Lead South Dakota Tuesday. More than 750 people showed up for a building dedication ceremony featuring guest speakers and a ribbon cutting.

As the building dedication began, guests gathered on the observation deck of the new Sanford Visitor Center, directly overlooking the open-cut. The Center features exhibits that tell the history of the Homestake goldmine. Governor Dennis Daugaard was the featured speaker. He says the new Visitor Center doesn’t just showcase the past.

LBNF Experiment

Jun 12, 2015

Josh Willhite, project manager for the Long Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF), and Jared Heise, science director at the Sanford Lab, discussed the LBNF experiment and its construction.  The LBNF will send a beam of neutrinos through the earth from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Batavia, Illinois to the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead.  A series of public meetings are scheduled to discuss the environmental impacts during the construction of the project.  The meetings are June 17 at 6:30 p.m.

Hunt For Dark Matter Not Over Yet

Oct 30, 2013

The hunt for dark matter continues.  That’s the word from researchers at the Sanford Lab.  It is home to the LUX experiment one of the on-going global efforts to directly detect dark matter.

While the initial three month run didn’t turn up any eureka moments–the knowledge gained in fine tuning and calibrating the experiment are proving valuable.   The findings help scientists hone the search.

On today’s Dakota Digest SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray has the latest play by play in the global race to find dark matter.

LUX Takes First Laps

Jun 24, 2013

Researchers have turned on the Large Underground Xenon or LUX experiment deep in the Homestake mine.  
The LUX is on the hunt for dark matter – and it’s the biggest experiment of its type in the world.  
SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray has this report on the LUX ‘s first few laps around the track in the global race to prove the existence  of Dark Matter.

Sanford Lab Aims To Land Big New Project

Jun 19, 2013

Scientists at the Sanford Lab are working to land another major research project.

The Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment or LBNE may sound like something out of a 1960’s science fiction movie, but it may become reality at the Sanford Lab as soon as 2017.

The experiment includes a large neutrino gun located at Fermi Lab near Chicago that shoots a beam of the tiny particles through the earth and into detectors located at the Sanford Lab.