The South Dakota House of Representatives passed HB1008 that allows officials to adjust speed limits due to weather conditions and road work.

The House Education Committee is considering a bill that requires open-enrolled students to alert their resident school district if they plan on returning for the next school year.

South Dakota lawmakers must regularly update controlled substance statutes in order to follow federal regulations. SB32 contains several updates.

HJR1001 passes House and removes authority for lawmakers to set their own pay.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

More than 9,500 public school teachers work within South Dakota’s boundaries. Some spend more time with kids during the week than parents. State Secretary of Education Melody Schopp says the community should elevate teachers with dignity and respect. SDPB’s Kealey Bultena begins our discussion about attitudes in teaching with Schopp, who says teaching is a noble profession.

The secretary leads the department of education, and teachers themselves say they struggle with the way people outside of education view their work.

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Teachers Question Pay Disparity-Superintendent Refuses Comment

Nov 25, 2014

In Rapid City a battle over teacher pay raises is heating up.    The school district has seen a series of meetings with teachers and administrators.

Some teachers question the disparity between their own pay scale and that of administrators.    South Dakota teachers are the lowest paid in the country, but they say school administrators generally fare much better in the rankings nationally.

In Rapid City teachers are calling for a clear policy on salary advancement and the superintendent is giving up on one plan to fix the problem.  

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