Rushmore Plaza Civic Center

Paul Shackow

In The Moment ... December 19, 2019 Show 723 Hour 1

South Dakota native Rory Hoffman has returned to the state for a performance Thursday night at the Fine Arts Theater in the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City.

Hoffman is a multi-instrumentalist who started learning to play the guitar at the age of three. Hoffman, born blind, lives in Nashville. He's a 2012 inductee into the South Dakota Country Music Hall of Fame.

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Rushmore Plaza Civic Center

Rapid City is issuing a $111.5 million building permit to build the new Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.


This permit is the largest ever issued in the City.


Craig Baltzer is the Executive Director of the Civic Center. He said this project will help the Black Hills economy.


Lee Strubinger

In The Moment ... September 19, 2017 Show 180 Hour 1

Rapid City officials are looking again at the Barnett Arena in the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center complex. The facility is no longer compliant with disability requirements. Two years ago, Rapid City residents voted against building a new arena. SDPB's Lee Strubinger joins us to talk about what the mayor and city are considering.

RC Mayor Supports Building New Arena

Sep 15, 2017
Lee Strubinger / SDPB

The Rapid City mayor says he supports constructing a new arena in the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center complex.

Thursday night, he gave a presentation outlining his vision to expand the concert hall and sporting complex just north of downtown.

There are two different futures for the Barnett Arena.

It’s the last complex in the civic center to meet Americans With Disabilities compliance. Following a failed campaign for a new civic center in 2015, the city signed an agreement with the federal government to bring the arena into ADA compliance. That deadline ends this month.

Victoria Wicks

It's a standard story in show business mythology: the big break, the chance discovery, the Cinderella story that allows an unknown to rise meteorically to stardom.

American Idol taps into those hopes and offers unknowns across the nation a chance to be discovered. A very slim chance.

In Rapid City on Sunday, Sept. 10, 349 competitors signed up to audition, hoping like Willy Wonka's candy-eaters to get a Golden Ticket. Joining them in a long line outside the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center were their supporters: their parents and siblings and friends.

Chynna Lockett

High schoolers took to the mats over the weekend for the state wrestling tournament in Rapid City. One student shared his story of overcoming illness and making it into the championship rounds.

The Rushmore Plaza Civic Center roared with applause as high school wrestlers took to the mats for the state wrestling tournament championship rounds. Dirk Wolf is a competitor in the 126-weight division from Lemmon High School. The 17 year old says he has been wrestling for nearly 12 years. But last year, for a time Wolf had to stop training. 

LNI Returns To Rapid City

Dec 18, 2015
Chynna Lockett

The Lakota National Invitational is taking place this week in Rapid City. The event hosts a verity of competitions including Traditional Lakota hand games and basketball tournaments.

Charles Michael Ray SDPB

Rapid City residents go to the polls on Tuesday to decide a proposed $180 million expansion of the  Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. If approved, the renovations would amount to the largest single expenditure of city funds ever undertaken. Supporters say it’s an investment in the city’s future that won’t raise property taxes. Opponents say the price tag is too high and alternatives need to be more carefully considered.

Petitioners turned in signatures Monday morning in Rapid City to refer a proposed civic center expansion to a public vote. Petition carriers included supporters and opponents of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center project. SDPB’s Victoria Wicks talks to supporters of a plan that could cost as much as 180 million dollars and will expand existing space and provide handicap accessibility.