Rushing water safety

Dakota Midday: Water Safety

Jul 28, 2015
American Red Cross

July has proved to be a deathly month on the water in South Dakota. Over the weekend two more people died in separate drowning accidents in Lake Madison and Lake Francis Case near Pickstown. Brian Shawn, regional communications officer for the American Red Cross, says water safety needs to be addressed to prevent future drownings.

Flooded Roads Dangerous For Drivers

Jun 20, 2014
Amy Varland

Heavy rain showers have hit several towns across South Dakota recently and can make for dangerous driving conditions – flash floods can develop and roads can flood quickly.

Four young men had to be rescued from the roof of their car Tuesday in Butte County – when rescuers arrived the car was almost totally submerged.  One woman is still missing in Butte County after the SUV she was in was swept away in a flash flood.