Senator Mike Rounds Opposed To WOTUS

May 22, 2015

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, is expected to finalize the Waters of the United States Act, or WOTUS by the end of the week. U.S. Senator Mike Rounds opposes the act. He explains that the rule has a significant effect on local control of water.

Rounds, Thune Support Arms For Ukraine

Feb 6, 2015

South Dakota’s U.S. Senator Mike Rounds supports giving direct military aid to Ukraine in their battle against pro-Russian separatists.

Rounds says the evidence is clear that pro-Russian rebels fighting in the eastern part of Ukraine are being supplied with Russian military weapons and support.   

He says the Ukrainians need American military weapons and hardware to level the playing field.

$50-Million Gilt Edge Superfund Cleanup Sought

Jan 22, 2015
Amy Varland

The EPA is planning to spend an extra $50-million to reduce acid mine drainage at a former strip mine in the Northern Black Hills that is now a Superfund Site.

South Dakota’s new U.S. Senator Mike Rounds is now chair of the Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Regulatory Oversight.

The committee oversees both the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers–the Subcommittee that Rounds chairs has oversight of federal programs like EPA Superfund sites.    

Debate Candidates Spar On EB-5, Social Security Issues

Oct 23, 2014

Three candidates running for South Dakota’s open U.S. Senate seat hammered Mike Rounds on EB-5 in Thursday night’s debate. 

The federal immigration program was the first question in the debate; it’s been a major issue in this year’s race.
Rick Weiland, Larry Pressler and Gordon Howie all criticized Mike Rounds for his role in alleged corruption, embezzlement and fraud in the program.
Rounds says EB-5 has been good for South Dakota.

Rounds' EB-5 Story Changes Over Time

Oct 16, 2014

The EB-5 story has become a centerpiece in the U.S. Senate race.

Former Governor Mike Rounds states he had nothing to do with the alleged embezzlement and fraud that occurred in part of the program before Northern Beef Packers went bankrupt.

Rounds says he’s been upfront and transparent with the public.   
But his answer to the question, “What did you know when?” has changed over time.

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Arbitration Ruling Highlights Deep EB-5 Divisions

Oct 7, 2014

A California arbitrator cleared the South Dakota Board of Regents and the state in a breach of contract case involving the federal EB-5 immigrant visa program.
Both political parties are claiming gains from the case that has become a center point this election year.
Republicans say this resolution vindicates Mike Rounds and state officials of any wrongdoing.  

Rounds Attacked In Out Of State Ad: GOP Cries Foul

Sep 19, 2014

A new ad in South Dakota is critical of Mike Rounds on the EB-5 scandal.     
The ad comes from a non-partisan watchdog group called Every Voice Action.  The group says  it works to hold politicians accountable on where they stand on money in politics.
The group says while it’s critical of Rounds at this point it’s not endorsing any candidate in the race.

But Rounds denies wrongdoing and the GOP is alleging improprieties against the Weiland Campaign.

AG Asked To Recuse From GOED Investigation

Nov 18, 2013

Critics are calling on South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley to excuse himself from the investigations into the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the federally approved EB-5 immigration program.

The program brought in millions overseas investment from wealthy foreigners into projects like the now bankrupt beef packing plant in Aberdeen.   Overseas investors were granted green cards for contributing 500-thousand dollars to rural projects through the federal program.

Dakota Political Junkies

Jul 10, 2013

Today's Political Junkies are Kevin Woster, columnist and reporter for the Rapid City Journal, and Roger Whittle, managing editor of the Watertown Public Opinion. Topics this week include the announcement by State Senate Majority Whip Larry Rhoden that he's challenging former Governor Mike Rounds in the U.S. Senate Republican primary.

U.S. Senate Race Takes Shape

May 14, 2013

The race for South Dakota’s open U.S. Senate seat is taking shape with both major political parties fielding a candidate.

Many Republicans are backing former Governor Mike Rounds as the top contender for the open senate seat.   Former Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin who was seen as a possible front runner for the Democrats bowed out on Monday.   Many in the party are now throwing their weight behind Rick Weiland, who has run for congress twice before in South Dakota.