Dakota Midday: First West River Wind Farm Moves Forward

Dec 1, 2015
Stuart Surma

Political leaders meeting at the COP21 U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Paris are now hashing out an agreement that could further reduce global carbon emissions.  

Dakota Midday: Solarize South Dakota

Nov 17, 2015
Charles Michael Ray

In this segment SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray speaks with Don Kelly an advocate for more home based renewable energy.  He’s one of those behind an effort called Solarize South Dakota that is backed by the group Dakota Rural Action.   Kelly lives in an all solar home that is off the grid in the Black Hills.

Net Metering

Feb 26, 2013

Net metering is an electricity policy for consumers who own renewable energy facilities or V2G electric vehicles.  Under net metering, a system owner receives retail credit for at least a portion of the electricity they generate.  On Tuesday's Dakota Midday, South Dakota Public Utilities Commission Chair Gary Hanson and Dakota Rural Action representative Wallace Enga discussed the concept of net metering.

Charles Michael Ray interviews Dr. John Turner. Turner a research fellow at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. His research is primarily concerned with enabling technologies for the implementation of hydrogen systems into a sustainable energy infrastructure. This includes direct conversion systems (photoelectrolysis) for hydrogen production from sunlight and water, materials for advanced fuel cell membranes, and corrosion protection for fuel cell metal bipolar plates.