Red Willow Band

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... August 1, 2019 Show 628 Hour 1

When Albert and Gage return to South Dakota it's as much for a gathering of friends as it is for a concert. This week is a great example as the husband and wife duo continue their run of dates with the Red Willow Band on their 45th Anniversary Tour Friday at the Sioux River Folk Festival.

Albert and Gage play their own set at the Festival Saturday afternoon.

The popular duo stopped by SDPB's Leo P. Flynn Gallery in Sioux Falls for Moment in Sound. 

In The Moment ... July 25, 2018 Show 386 Hour 1

It's a one-time Black Hills concert experience. The Red Willow Band reconvenes to play at the Homestake Opera House in Lead.

Sarah Carlson, Executive Director of the Historic Homestake Opera House, joined In The Moment with a preview in addition to Red Willow Band original members: Kenny Putnam and Chris Gage.

The Red Willow Band Reunion Concert: Live at the Homestake is this Friday night at 7:30pm.  A few tickets are still available.

In The Moment ... July 26, 2017 Show 142 Hour 1

The San Antonio human smuggling tragedy that left 10 dead is a stark reminder that the business of selling people is prevalent.

Carol Robertson

From the mid-1970's through the early 80's, the Red Willow Band was one of the most popular groups in South Dakota. They traveled the state and region with their modern style of country swing. The original members are reuniting for performances on Friday and Saturday at the Sioux River Folk Festival at Newton Hills State Park.