Red Ribbon Skirt Society

In The Moment … August 7, 2020 Show 876 Hour 1

On Sunday, a 75-mile motorcycle ride from Bear Butte to Crazy Horse will honor missing and murdered indigenous women. Proceeds will benefit the Red Ribbon Skirt Society and Where All Women All Honored, both located in Rapid City. Lily Mendoza is the founder of the Red Ribbon Skirt Society, and Lorna Cuny is the organizer of the ride.

Day Of Remembrance For MMIW, Children And Two Spirit

Feb 14, 2020

  In Rapid city, Valentine’s Day is a time to remember Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Children and Two-Spirit-or LGBT-people. The community is invited to honor the victim's memories with events throughout the day. 


Indigenous women are murdered or go missing at high rates and South Dakota is no exception. Lily Mendoza is with the Red Ribbon Skirt Society, a group that draws attention to the issue. She hosted the day of remembrance for victims, including Indigenous children and two-spirit or LGBT people. 


Chynna Lockett

  The U.S. Attorney General has announced efforts to address high numbers of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People. That includes the ability for state, local and tribal governments to call on the FBI for assistance in missing Indigenous persons cases. It also helps solidify and analyze data collection.



Lee Strubinger

In The Moment ... May 2, 2019 Show 567 Hour 2

Members of the Red Ribbon Skirt Society join In The Moment for a round table discussion on Missing and Murdered Indigeous Women awareness.

Lily Mendoza is the co-founder of the Red Ribbon Skirt Society. Mary Black Bonnet, Citizen of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, is with the Rapid City Literacy Council. Clara Douglas of the Okanagan First Nations and Shuswap First Nations of Canada specializes in grief and bereavement, sex trafficking and LGBT issues. Lynette Van Epps-Smith is a retired teacher.

Chynna Lockett

  A new healing center for people affected by missing and murdered Indigenous women is open in Rapid City. The space is the first of its kind and allows people to meditate and remember victims.

Lily Mendoza is a Cofounder of the Red Ribbon Skirt Society. That’s a group in the Black Hills that helps educate the community on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Two Spirited, or LGBTQIA people.