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Red Cross Aid With Aftermath Of SF Tornado

22 hours ago
Red Cross

There is a Red Cross emergency shelter now open at the FairGrounds in Sioux Falls for people who suffered damage from Tuesday’s tornado. Gretchen Hjelmstad is Regional Communications Officer for the Red Cross. She says they’re working with the city to determine the amount of residential damage.


Dakota Midday: Water Safety

Jul 28, 2015
American Red Cross

July has proved to be a deathly month on the water in South Dakota. Over the weekend two more people died in separate drowning accidents in Lake Madison and Lake Francis Case near Pickstown. Brian Shawn, regional communications officer for the American Red Cross, says water safety needs to be addressed to prevent future drownings.

Tornados, 6-Inch Hail, In Deadly Weekend Storms

Jun 21, 2015

A series of severe storms over the weekend damaged buildings, killed livestock, and left one person dead.

Straight line winds associated with one thunderstorm on Friday night toppled a mobile home in the Town of Fort Thompson killing a man inside.   The Red Cross opened a shelter in the town to assist area residents who had damaged or lost homes.

The same storm system also spawned an EF-2 tornado that tore out power lines and destroyed buildings near the town of Hereford in Mead County.  

People who want to volunteer to clean up after a weekend tornado in Delmont can start Friday. Officials now have a volunteer reception centers that opens at 8 o-clock in the morning near the baseball field just outside of the small southeastern South Dakota town.

Volunteers must register with a valid ID before can enter Delmont to help. Authorities say volunteers should wear clothes, boots, gloves and eye protection for working with debris from Sunday’s storm.

Access to a town hit by a weekend tornado is still restricted. About 200 people live in Delmont. The community is in the southeastern part of the state. Emergency management officials continue to assess the damage from a Sunday storm that hurt nine people and damaged homes and other buildings. Meanwhile the American Red Cross is working with state and local officials to keep safety the priority.

People in the town of Delmont are now able to sift through the rubble after a tornado. The storm struck the tiny town in southeast South Dakota on Sunday morning. Crews are working to restore basic necessities and assess the damage.  

Initial assessments after Sunday’s storm show 20 buildings sustained damage after an EF-2 tornado tore through Delmont. Kristi Turman is the Division Director of Emergency Services for South Dakota’s Department of Public Safety.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Officials are coordinating ways for people to help residents of Wessington Springs after last week’s devastating tornado. People who can help with general debris cleanup can register at a volunteer reception center. It’s at the Wessington Springs Elementary School. Registration starts at 8 a.m.

The American Red Cross is serving three meals each day for residents and people helping pick up after the tornado. Volunteer leader Nancy Young says the organization has served more than 4,000 meals and handed out over 11,200 bottles of water since Wednesday’s storm.

A Rapid City Red Cross volunteer is in Washington state helping with a devastating mudslide. It happened a week ago Saturday. Now aBlack Hills professor is working with family members and survivors.

South Dakota’s Red Cross volunteers often help with local crises – blizzards, fires, and other extreme circumstances near home. But when major incidents happen, the American Red Cross reaches out across the country to find the right volunteers for people’s needs.


A South Dakota Red Cross volunteer says the rains have subsided and the sun is out over parts of Northern Colorado.

Nancy McKenney with the Red Cross deployed from Pierre to Colorado last week to help people affected by the heavy rains and flooding. McKenney says there are currently about sixteen Red Cross shelters near the affected areas that are housing more than four-hundred people. She says there are also many residents that are still stranded – some can’t leave, and some won’t.

South Dakota is not the only state dealing with flooding due to heavy spring rains. Two rivers are flooding the community of Galen, Alaska and causing mass evacuations. Officials say nearly every home has been affected. Conditions are reported to be extremely dangerous and residents fear that communities downstream could face flooding as well. The Alaska Red Cross is asking for help.

Richard Smith is the Executive Director of the Black Hills Chapter of the Red Cross. He says his Chapter is sending help to Alaska immediately.

South Dakota Red Cross Readies for Deployment

Oct 30, 2012

Red Cross chapters in South Dakota are gearing up for possible deployment to the East Coast as the remnants of Hurricane Sandy continue to batter the region.

The Black Hills and Sioux Falls chapters have their Emergency Response Vehicles on alert status for potential deployment within the next 24 hours.