Rapid City Area Schools

Rapid City Area Schools

After a five-hour special meeting Tuesday night, the Rapid City Area Schools Board of Education has not yet approved a back to school plan. Board members disagreed on requiring masks and others desire more detailed safety measures from administration. 

Rapid City Voters to Decide School Bond on Tuesday

Feb 21, 2020
Seth Tupper

On Tuesday, Rapid City voters will decide on a nearly $190-million bond to rebuild and renovate some of its schools.

Opponents say problems do exist, but the current proposal is too vague. Proponents say information is available—and has been for years.

4000 RCAS Students Expected At BH Pow Wow

Oct 11, 2019

  Thousands of students are spending Friday immersed in Native American cultures. The Rapid City Area School System is bussing kids to the Civic Center for the Black Hills Pow Wow Youth Day.

The Black Hills Pow Wow Youth Day is just one way the Rapid City Area School System is incorporating Native American cultures into K-12 curriculum. 

Whitnee Pearce is the Director of Diversity, Equity and Outreach. She says four thousand kids are scheduled to go to the Black Hills Pow Wow.

RCAS Introduces Social Workers To K-12 Schools

Sep 20, 2019

Rapid City Area Schools are working is including new diversity programs in K-12 classrooms. A group of social workers are traveling between the 23 schools in the district teaching staff and students of all backgrounds. 

RCAS Adding K-12 Restorative Justice Training

Sep 20, 2019

  Rapid City Area Schools are implementing a new disciplinary tactic called restorative justice. Whitnee Pearce is the Director of Diversity, Equity and Outreach. She says restorative justice is a way to move away from punitive justice--where every crime has a strict punishment. It keeps students in the classrooms instead of losing class time for suspensions. Pearce says students perform better when their basic, physical and social needs are met and this initiative helps achieve that.

The legislative rules review committee approves changes to South Dakota’s high school graduation requirements with a four to two vote. The changes include three possible endorsements that allow students to tailor their high school classes to their post-high school plans.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

A panel of community members can soon weigh in on work happening in Rapid City Schools. People can apply to be part of a community advisory council. The group will meet once a month to discuss issues related to education in a broad context.

Rapid City Area Schools superintendent Lori Simon says she’s been talking about a community advisory board since she interviewed for the district’s top job. Simon says people who live and work in the community have ideas and perspectives to contribute.

SF Parents Surveyed On School Start Date

Nov 15, 2016
Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Thousands of parents in Sioux Falls are getting a survey about the school start date. This is the second year public schools in Sioux Falls started after Labor Day. As decision-makers look to the fall of 2018, they want to know the range of start dates stakeholders prefer.

Sioux Falls School District leaders are assessing what the school calendar should look like two years from now. Brian Maher is superintendent.

Charles Michael Ray / SDPB

The superintendent of Rapid City Area Schools says the district needs a strong strategic plan. Lori Simon says education leaders are working to develop the plan to give direction and establish the district’s priorities.

"It gets everybody in the district working on the same page toward common goals," Simon says. "A strong strategic plan that you keep alive and working really guides decision-making as well as drives the alignment of actions and resources across the district."

With the new school year approaching parents can help get kids started off right by making good attendance a priority.  School officials say regular attendance at school keeps students up-to-speed on classwork and headed for a bright academic future. 

School officials stress the importance of regular attendance in school – especially for kids in elementary. They say it is critical to the child’s academic success.