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SD Department of Corrections

A South Dakota inmate who dismembered his victim after killing her is asking for a new trial.

Stephen Falkenberg was found guilty in Yankton County of second-degree murder.

He says the prosecutor at trial focused on the dismemberment even though it occurred in a different state after the victim was dead.

Victoria Wicks has more on this appeal for SDPB.

SD Department of Corrections

A lifer in the state penitentiary has lost a bid for a new trial. Chance Harruff is serving a mandatory life sentence for strangling his former girlfriend.

He appealed, saying five witnesses' testimony overlapped, and that cumulative evidence prejudiced the jury.

The South Dakota Supreme Court has unanimously upheld his conviction

SDPB's Victoria Wicks reports.

The South Dakota Supreme Court will hold its next term on Feb. 10-11, with oral arguments in three cases on the second day.

SD Department of Corrections

One year ago Chance Harruff was convicted of strangling his former girlfriend in her home at Dallas, S.D.

Prior to her murder, she had told friends and relatives details about the abusive relationship. Several of them were called to testify at trial.

The defendant appealed to the South Dakota Supreme Court, saying the jury was prejudiced against him after hearing too many witnesses testify to the same details.

The high court heard the case on Monday, Sept. 30.

SDPB's Victoria Wicks reports.