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Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet

The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office was looking for a missing man last fall in a remote, high-elevation part of the western Black Hills.

Capt. Tony Harrison said there was no cell-phone service.

“And so we called FirstNet, and probably within 12 to 14 hours they had a mobile cell tower there, so that we were able to fully communicate back and forth with dispatch," Harrison said.

New Jail To Be Built In Lincoln County

Feb 28, 2020
Lincoln County

The Lincoln County Commission is considering a $50 million bond to help build a new public safety center.


The new facility, which would include a new jail and courtroom, is in the beginning stages of development.


Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Swenson said that the county’s growing population calls for a new public safety facility.



In The Moment ... October 25, 2019 Show 687 Hour 1

A panel of South Dakota lawmakers is studying the state's controlled substances laws and an almost at capacity prison system. The group has met three times and they're close to issuing recommendations to the legislature as a whole.

SDPB's Lee Strubinger has been following the legislative summer study on offenses regarding controlled substances. He joins In The Moment from the Black Hills Surgical Hospital Studio in Rapid City.

In The Moment ... October 8, 2019 Show 675 Hour 1

On Friday, a Return of the Bison Celebration is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. at the Pinnacles Overlook in Badlands National Park. The public ceremony marks a large expansion of the Park's bison range.

Blaine Kortemeyer, Chief of Resource Education at Badlands National Park, detailed the expansion and the ceremony as he spoke with In The Moment producer Steve Zwemke.

Chynna Lockett

In The Moment ... November 21, 2018 Show 465 Hour 1

Many South Dakotans are heading out for the long weekend, but others stay on the job to keep the rest of us safe.

Tony Harrison is National Trustee for the South Dakota Fraternal Order of Police. He's a captain with the Pennington County Sheriff's Department.

In The Moment ... December 20, 2017 Show 244 Hour 2

Kristi Bunkers is Director for Juvenile Services in South Dakota. Today we look at the FY17 JIPSIA report. It's an exploration of juvenile justice reform in the state and the challenges still ahead.

In The Moment ... April 20, 2017 Show 076 Hour 2

We continue our conversation about how shifting demographics impact South Dakota communities. SDPB's Kealey Bultena is in Sioux Falls with Dr. Tad Jacobs from Avera for a conversation about how healthcare systems strive to meet the increasingly specialized needs of growing populations. 

Every 10 years state lawmakers draft new boundaries for state legislative districts. SDPB's Lee Strubinger takes a look at legislative redistricting and how it may impact the two major parties in the state going forward.

In The Moment ... February 21, 2017 Show 034 Hour 2

In The Moment...Show 011 January 17 2017 Hour 1

Guests: Hugh Weber, podcaster with The Potluck Society; Mike Wiser, writer and producer; Trevor Jones, SD Secretary of Public Safety

Minnehaha County officials are implementing a new assessment that flags defendants who present a risk to the community. The effort is designed to help judges determine whether someone accused of crime should be released before trial. The process combines multiple factors but eliminates identifiers such as race, income, education, and family status.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

The South Dakota Highway Patrol is looking to hire troopers, and the agency is recruiting women. Agency leaders are accepting applications for next year. They say this is the first time the Highway Patrol is specifically reaching out to female recruits. Safety officials say they want women to consider careers in law enforcement.

Of the current 174 Highway Patrol Troopers in South Dakota, six are women. Trooper Khrista Nelson went to school for law enforcement and spent time as a military police officer. She’s been a state trooper for more than a year.

SD Attorney General Visits Vermillion

Apr 3, 2013

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley stopped by the SDPB studios during his visit to Vermillion on Wednesday.  He joined host Karl Gerhke to discuss the South Dakota Public Safety Improvement Act passed by the 2013 state legislature and signed into law by Governor Dennis Daugaard in February.  He also explained the "Period of Purple Crying" program launched during Child Abuse Prevention Month.


Mar 19, 2013

DakotaCon, South Dakota's premier security event, returns to Dakota State University in Madison this Friday through Sunday.  DSU is combining three programs into three days to bring the best and the brightest individuals in cyber security together for DakotaCon.  Josh Pauli, Associate Professor of Cyber Security at DSU, talked about this year's conference and recent cyber security breaches that have been in the news.