Priya Parker

Communicating Our Health & Feelings During COVID

Dec 4, 2020

In this In the Moment podcast, we reevaluate how we think and communicate about our mortality, our loneliness, and our holiday gatherings. In the conversations, we offer knowledge, validation, curiosity, creativity. We’ve got guests who might make you feel a little less alone and tips for navigating this month together: 

Dr. Sabina Kupershmidt - chair of the Interprofessional Health Education Center at USD.

Jill Tyler, Ph.D. - associate professor and chair of communication studies at USD.

Priya Parker

In The Moment … December 3, 2020 Show 953 Hour 2

In South Dakota, we await the impact of Thanksgiving gatherings on our COVID-19 numbers and hospital capacity. Meanwhile, we plan for our December gatherings and decide what's at stake as we take measure of our favorite traditions. 

Priya Parker is the author of the book "The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters." She is the founder of Thrive Labs and creator of the New York Times podcast "Together Apart." She is a groundbreaking group conflict resolution facilitator.

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In The Moment ... May 17, 2018 Show 339 Hour 1

When was the last time you had a meeting? Or how about a dinner party, book club, or baby shower? We know that getting together matters, but we don't often think about how to revitalize our gatherings to enrich our purpose.

Priya Parker is the founder of Thrive Labs and the author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters.