Special: Preschool In South Dakota

Oct 18, 2019

For this week's podcast, we bring you our month-long coverage of PreK in South Dakota.

What are the costs? What are the benefits? You will hear these questions answered by researchers, South Dakota legislators, and even parents of preschoolers.

Jackie Hendry

A language program on the Pine Ridge reservation is teaching a new generation to speak Lakota. That work is starting with the youngest voices and providing new preschool opportunities in a part of the state where early childhood education is limited.

The Lakota Immersion Preschool began as a small daycare in Peter Hill’s home. 

“It was my daughter and four other kids, and we operated like that for the first year.”

That was in 2012. 

Jackie Hendry

The Head Start program serves pre-school kids and their families across the country. It’s often one of the only preschool options in rural areas. The goal? To help get kids from low-income households ready for school. However, in one central South Dakota town, a partnership between Head Start and the local school district is providing  preschool for any child.

News: Sep 21 - 27

Sep 27, 2019

South Dakota does not publicly fund preschool education, but there are efforts to ensure excellence in early learning throughout the state; we talked with the Preschool Levels of Excellence team to learn more.

In 2014 Jolene's Law Task Force was convened to study the impact of child sexual abuse in South Dakota. This week we had a conversation with the task force about protecting our children and building communities that help prevent child abuse and build resilience. 

News: Sep 14 - 20

Sep 20, 2019

Welcome to this week’s news podcast. This week you’ll hear about The Oglala Lakota Tribe becoming the first in the region to pass laws adding protections for LGBT people, House Minority Whip Erin Healy and House Speaker Steve Haugaard join us to talk pre-k, the Political Junkies discuss STAR Academy and more.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Research related to early childhood development is expanding quickly. While specialists agree on the importance of play, the benefits of preschool can vary depending on the program. 

SDSU Professor Mary Bowne specializes in early childhood learning and development. She says preschool is meant to help children develop emotional and academic skills. But she says the best early learning environments are based on play.

South Dakota State University

In The Moment ... September 18, 2019 Show 661 Hour 1

As we continue our month-long coverage of Pre-K in South Dakota, Mary Bowne and Carolyn Kippes, MD, join us to discuss Pre-K from a healthcare and education research perspective.

Dr. Bowne, Ph.D., is a professor at South Dakota State University who specializes in early childhood education and human development. Dr. Kippes, MD, specializes in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.