SDPB News: July 31

Jul 31, 2020

Why is the state medical association drafting the opposition towards legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana? Plus, how will the state's largest school district plan on safely getting kids back in the classrooms?

Governor Considering Support Of Medical Marijuana Bill

Feb 26, 2016

Governor Dennis Daugaard is considering supporting a bill that allows one type of medical marijuana. Earlier in the session, he said he would not support Senate Bill 171. The measure has since been amended to only allow one marijuana extract.


A bill aiming for the legalization of medical marijuana has been amended to only allow for cannabidiol, one of the main chemical compounds found in the plant. Lawmakers haven’t decided whether or not to pass Senate Bill 171 out of committee.


State lawmakers heard statements on a bill allowing the use of medical marijuana in South Dakota. The measure is deferred until next week to allow for more testimony.


Committee Passes Bill Allowing Industrial Hemp

Feb 2, 2016

Members of a state House committee voted in favor of a bill allowing the production and sale of industrial hemp. Farmers have to go through a permitting process before growing the crop.