Images of the Past: Fred Farrar

21 hours ago
Mark Slocum

In The Moment ... April 20, 2020 Show 799 Hour 2

The history and pictures of western South Dakota run deep. Fred Farrar captured the Black Hills from the turn of the century through the depression of the 1930s. As a young boy, Fred's mother read him "Last of the Mohican's" which ended up being a major influence on him when it came to nature and Native American culture. For today's Images of the Past, Mark Slocum tells us more of this pioneer. Mark is the executive director of the Minnilusa Historical Association and Pioneer Collection in Rapid City.



In the Moment ... April 26, 2017 Show 080 Hour 1

As cooler weather sweeps the state, Erik Helland with Landscape Garden Centers joins us to talk gardening and answer questions from listeners.

Calamity Jane might be an icon of the American West, but she lived life as a pioneer and a woman, not a myth. Mary Jane Bradbury invites audiences to learn about the real Martha Canary by portraying prominent Deadwood madam Dora DuFran.  Bradbury joins us to tell the story of two friends at a frontier in time for women.

In the opening of Dawn Wink’s novel, Meadowlark, 16-year-old Grace is an excited young bride looking forward to a life with her new husband, Tom. But any ideas of she has of an idyllic life together are shattered during their trip from the wedding to western South Dakota. Without warning, Tom pulls her off the wagon, punches and kicks her, and leaves her to walk the rest of the way to their sod hot.

Young Pioneers Learn The Trail

Jun 24, 2013
Courtesy Deadwood History, Inc.

It’s one thing reading a book or watching a film about the life of the pioneers as they made their way across the country’s vast expanses. It’s quite another matter trying to duplicate that experience in the new millennium – especially when you’re a middle-school student. Today we spend some time with a group of young “would-be” pioneers near Deadwood – where they learn about guns, gold-panning and getting grades “back in the day”.