Preservation Of Unnecessary Knowledge

Dec 15, 2016
Hugh Weber

As SDPB Radio welcomes Hugh Weber to the team, Weber introduces us to a unique thinker from the 1930's and a South Dakota college student who has become a champion for the preservation of unnecessary knowledge!

Weber will continue to bring the stories of people, places and ideas that build our extraordinary communities.

Minnehaha County Homeless Count

Dec 17, 2013

The number of homeless people in South Dakota is about the same as last year. That’s according to the South Dakota Housing for the Homeless Consortium’s Point in Time Homeless Count conducted in September. The count was done in collaboration with community agencies and homeless service providers in fifty-two of the states sixty-six counties. The total number was 1,155 individuals. That’s a slight reduction from last year’s count of 1,166. Forty percent were men, thirty-two percent were women and 28 percent children. In Sioux Falls, however, numbers went up from 2012.