Sisseton Wahpeton Agree With D.O.C. On Parolees

May 12, 2014

Some parolees who are working to reintegrate back into normal life can now do so closer to their families and homes.  

 The State of South Dakota has entered into an agreement with the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate that allows former prison inmates a chance to do parole at home.

The effort is part of broad reforms to the prison system in South Dakota that aim to reduce recidivism.

Tribal Leaders Discuss Parolee Pilot Program

Feb 26, 2014

South Dakota tribal leaders are in Pierre Wednesday discussing issues affecting Indian Country. Tribal Relations Day starts with a listening session focused on public safety. Part of the discussion is how Senate Bill 70 passed last year is affecting the tribes.

The criminal justice reform includes a pilot program to help decrease recidivism of Native Americans on reservations. Shaun Eastman with the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate is helping implement the program. She says when Native Americans return home from prison, there will be task forces of volunteers to keep them on track.

Hotels Considered For Some South Dakota Parolees

Nov 8, 2013

South Dakota parolees who need housing assistance following their sentence are usually placed in minimum-security correctional facilities. But now a group of community members and state officials are working to place these low-risk offenders in Sioux Falls hotels instead.

Ed Ligtenberg is South Dakota’s Director of Parole. He says the criminal justice initiative set aside $250,000 for a pilot program that would look into alternative housing placement for parolees who need assistance.