open enrollment

The South Dakota House of Representatives passed HB1008 that allows officials to adjust speed limits due to weather conditions and road work.

The House Education Committee is considering a bill that requires open-enrolled students to alert their resident school district if they plan on returning for the next school year.

South Dakota lawmakers must regularly update controlled substance statutes in order to follow federal regulations. SB32 contains several updates.

HJR1001 passes House and removes authority for lawmakers to set their own pay.

As of January 9th, just over 17,000 South Dakotans had enrolled in private health insurance plans through the state health insurance exchange. The deadline for people to sign up for through the Marketplace Open Enrollment is February 15th. People who don’t have health insurance from elsewhere and don’t enroll by that date could be locked out of the market for the rest of the year. They could also face penalties when they file their taxes. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services operates the Health Insurance Marketplace for South Dakota and other states without their own exchanges.

The South Dakota High School Activities Association may soon be subject to open meeting laws if legislation in Pierre continues forward. Speaker of the House Brian Gosch says the Activities Association looks more like a public entity then a private one.

"The high school activities association members are also available for the state retirement system and so they do really start to look like a public entity and should require some level of scrutiny so we can ensure the tax payer dollars are properly spent," Gosch says.

Students from neighboring states could qualify for the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship if legislation before the House State Affairs Committee passes. Lawmakers need more testimony before making a decision.

House Bill 1078 allows students  from neighboring states who open enroll to a South Dakota high school eligibility for the Opportunity Scholarship.   Democrat State Representative Kathy Tyler says competition among students is a good thing.

No Change in Open Enrollment Funding

Feb 13, 2013

No changes are being made to the amount of money schools get for students that open enroll. Senate Bill 197 attempts to alter the calculation of small school adjustment in the state aid to education formula when students choose to change schools. Under current legislation, schools receive the same amount of money for students who open enroll and those that are actually in the district. Bob Sittig is the superintendent of the Baltic School District. He says he opposes Senate Bill 197 because small schools are less efficient than larger schools.