Milo Yellow Hair On The 30th Anniversary Of The Big Foot Ride

Dec 7, 2016

Oglala Lakota Milo Yellow Hair has the kind of deep belly laugh that is absolutely contagious.  He is a lifelong resident of the Pine Ridge Reservation and he is well versed the value of humor within Lakota culture.  He lights up when telling a funny story or a joke.   Yellow Hair also has a serious side,  he is one of the founders of the Big Foot Ride. 

Giago Starts Non-Profit To Buy Wounded Knee Site

Jan 26, 2016

An Oglala Lakota newspaper publisher has started a campaign to buy 40 acres of private land near the Wounded Knee Massacre site.

The land is held by a non-native owner who is asking nearly $4-million for the property.   Those backing the plan to buy the land say it needs to be held by the Lakota people and used in a positive way.

Newspaper publisher Tim Giago says he wants to see a museum and arts and trade center built on the property once it’s acquired.

Bill Keeps Geographic Name Board, But Limits Scope

Jan 24, 2016

Lawmakers are considering a bill that removes some power from the State Board of Geographic Names.  

The board was formed in order to change racist or offensive names of South Dakota landmarks.  In 2014 the board was instructed to remove all references to the word “squaw” which is seen as both derogatory and racist.

But when the board began looking at a possible name change for Harney Peak – some lawmakers say it went too far.

Chynna Lockett

In 2015 tribal officials declared a state of emergency on Pine Ridge following a sharp increase in the number of suicides. Officials say last year there were more than 20 young people who took their own lives on Pine Ridge.

The Bear Program is a grassroots group on the front lines of the suicide epidemic.   The volunteer group takes part in both direct crisis intervention and in powerful staged performances that address suicide head on.  

Dakota Midday: OST President John Yellow Bird Steele

Nov 23, 2015
Charles Michael Ray

John Yellow Bird Steele is the President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe who is serving his 7th non-consecutive term in office. Steele served his first term as president starting in 1992.  He is a Vietnam Veteran who has nine children and 23 grandchildren.  

SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray caught up with President Steele after he spoke at a forum in Rapid City.    Here is that interview.

Settlement Aims To Fix 25 Years Of Tribal Funding Shortfalls

Sep 17, 2015
Antonia Gonzales / National Native News

The federal government is offering a $940-million dollar settlement in a decades long case over federal contracts with tribes.
The class action lawsuit that began in 1990 alleges the feds shortchanged tribes in contracts for items like law enforcement, road maintenance, forest management, housing, and education.
The Oglala Sioux Tribe on Pine Ridge brought the initial suit.  Tribal officials allege that for years the feds would promise to cover costs for approved projects, then not come through with full payments.

CO Based Organization Opens New Food Bank in Oglala

Sep 9, 2015

Residents of the Pine Ridge town of Oglala have a new food bank. The Boulder Colorado based organization Conscious Alliance has opened its second location on Pine Ridge.   Organizers say they’re focusing on food security for the youth.

Pine Ridge "Promise Zone"

Apr 28, 2015

Pine Ridge is now a "Promise Zone."  The designation by the Obama Administration helps fast track resources needed for infrastructure, housing, education, law enforcement, and economic development

Oglala Lakota County on the Pine Ridge Reservation is among the poorest areas of the country. USDA officials say nearly half the 35,000 residents live below the poverty line.

Some critics point out failures in past federal programs but local leaders say this time it’s different.

Oglala Lakota County Name Change Advances

Mar 4, 2015

The effort to change the name of Shannon County to Oglala Lakota County faces one final hurdle in the state legislature.  

The Senate State Affairs Committee gave unanimous support to the resolution allowing the name change.  The measure passed the House earlier this session.

Democratic Representative Kevin Killer represents part of the Pine Ridge Reservation.   Killer backs the change and helped get the issue on the county ballot in November.   Killer says the new name received strong support both at the ballot box and in a petition drive leading up to the election.

Shannon County Name Change One Step Closer

Feb 12, 2015

A bill to rename Shannon County as Oglala Lakota County sailed over its first legislative hurdle in an unanimous vote before the Senate State Affairs Committee.

In November Shannon County voters, which is on the Pine Ridge Reservation, approved the name change by a large majority.  

Bill Streamlines Name Change Process

Jan 21, 2015

An effort to streamline the process of changing a county name has cleared its first legislative hurdle in Pierre.

In the November election residents in Shannon County overwhelmingly approved a measure to change the name to Oglala Lakota County.   But under current law that new name must be approved by the legislature and announced by the governor.   

Yellow Bird Steel Vows To Continue Prohibition

Jan 7, 2015

Pine Ridge will stay dry if the new Oglala Sioux Tribal President has his way.

President John Yellow Bird Steele says he is opposed to legalized alcohol on Pine Ridge.  He adds that he also opposed legalizing marijuana on Pine Ridge even if the federal government gives tacit approval.

Click play below to hear more.

Oglala Sioux Tribe Registers Dogs

Dec 8, 2014
Courtesy Lakota Animal Care Project

  The Oglala Sioux Tribe begins registering dogs on the Pine Ridge Reservation today (Monday) along with providing rabies shots to all those dogs registered.  The move comes as a result of the death of a young Lakota girl 3 weeks ago allegedly as the result of a dog attack.

Pet registrations and vaccinations on the Pine Ridge Reservation continue through December 19. The Oglala Sioux Tribe is not guaranteeing that every community will receive a visit from Animal Control personnel, but does assure that each of the reservation’s 9 districts are on the list.

Yellow Bird Steele Leads Pine Ridge Primary

Oct 15, 2014

The Oglala Sioux Tribe Election Commission is verifying the results of Tuesday's primary election.   
Unofficial tribal presidential primary results have Harold Eagle Bull in third place with 512 votes, incumbent Tribal President Bryan Brewer with 944 votes, and former Tribal President John Yellow Bird Steele leading the field at 1465.

But the results could change as the numbers are finalized.  

On Pine Ridge the top two candidates in a presidential primary don’t automatically advance to the general election.

"Tasunka: A Lakota Horse Legend"

Apr 28, 2014

Award-winning illustrator Donald F. Montileaux has put another ancient Lakota tale to paper. "Tasunka: A Lakota Horse Legend" features a Lakota translation by Agnes Gay and is the newest children's book from the South Dakota State Historical Society. "Tasunka" is a story of adventure, discovery, loss and renewal, set to beautiful ledger-style illustrations that illuminate the story of the horse and its importance to the plains people. "Tasunka" uses traditional storytelling methods to impart wisdom to new generations.

Pine Ridge Polls Prohibition

Aug 12, 2013

Residents of Pine Ridge are going to the polls on Tuesday to decide the fate of the longstanding tribal prohibition of alcohol.  

The special election has divided the tribal council and tribal residents.  

SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray spoke with those on either side of the contentious issue for this story.