SDPB News: Sep 1

4 hours ago

Is Governor Kristi Noem considering a special legislative session to spend coronavirus federal aid before its expected deadline at the end of the year? This and more in today’s SDPB News Podcast. Find it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify today. 

SDPB News: Aug 12

Aug 12, 2020

What's the latest policy from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe on members attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? Plus, could South Dakota soon be seeing mass testing for COVID-19? 

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FRONTLINE: "Opioids, Inc."

Jun 23, 2020

In The Moment … June 23, 2020 Show 844 Hour 1

NPR Tiny Desk

Mar 6, 2020

In The Moment ... March 6, 2020 Show 768 Hour 1

It's time to submit your entry for the NPR 2020 Tiny Desk Contest. Over the past five years, nearly 30,000 musicians, including those from South Dakota, have submitted videos to NPR's Tiny Desk Contest in the hopes of being chosen to perform as part of NPR Music's signature music discovery series.  With us on In The Moment is SDPB Station Relations Manager Katy Beem.


In The Moment ... October 24, 2019 Show 686 Hour 1

The Pulitzer Center at South Dakota State University welcomes investigative reporter Phillip Martin as the fall guest speaker Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. for a public lecture in the Pheasant and Crest Room of the Student Union. Martin's talk is about "Caste Discrimination in America," a multi-platform investigation funded by the Pulitzer Center.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... December 4, 2018 Show 472 Hour 1

Shankar Vedantam is NPR's social science correspondent and host of "Hidden Brain."

He speaks internationally on how unconscious bias shapes human behavior and on how the "Hidden Brain" influences everything from racial bias in professional settings to effective communication at work.

In The Moment ... June 13, 2018 Show 357 Hour 1

This month, NPR brings you a new series called "How to Raise a Human." Follow the hashtag on social medial or on

SDPB brings those conversations home to South Dakota by welcoming pediatricians and parenting coaches and parents to talk about the glorious and messy and marvelous journey that is parenting.

Sue Illg is a parenting coach at Sanford Health.  She talks about "Helping the Mother."


In The Moment ... October 27, 2017 Show 208 Hour 1

PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger visits the Black Hills to mark the official opening of the SDPB Black Hills Bureau. Kerger is the longest serving president and CEO in PBS history. Since her arrival, she has made particularly strong commitments to the arts, news and public affairs, high-quality educational content for children and the classroom, and the use of new digital platforms to bring public media into the lives of all Americans.

Kara Frame/NPR

In The Moment ... May 30, 2017 Show 103 Hour 2

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... April 28, 2017 Show 082 Hour 1

Singer/songwriter Maddie Todd joins Moment in Sound today. She recently entered the NPR Tiny Desk Contest with her song "Paradox" and was selected as a South Dakota fan favorite. She's a student at Augustana University, studying religion and sociology.

Two Eisenhower Fellows are traveling the country with a stop in South Dakota. The Fellowship is an exchange program for international leaders. Anita Ahmad from Malaysia and Chevaan Daniel from Sri Lanka spoke with SDPB's Chynna Lockett about their travels.

In The Moment... February 28, 2017 Show 039 Hour 1

We begin the hour with Adam Grant. He’s the author of "Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World." The book is a New York Times bestseller and NPR and Amazon best book of 2016, now available in paperback. " It’s a conversation about the trailblazers, the ground-breakers, and those among us who re-imagine and re-create everything from technology to their own careers.

In The Moment ... February 16, 2017 Show 032 Hour 1

Lulu Garcia-Navarro is the new host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday. She talks with Lori Walsh about taking the helm of a legacy program on NPR, how an intimate conversation creates a driveway moment, and how the role of American journalists hasn’t changed as much as some people think.  

In The Moment January 19 2017 Show 013 Hour 1

Guests: Mark Sundeen, author; Bob Boilen, creator of NPR's All Songs Considered; SDPB's Nate Wek; Kevin Woster, author & moderator of the SDPB blog On The Other Hand

NPR Live Election Blog

Nov 8, 2016
Kent Osborne / SDPB

Today, as results come in across the country, NPR reporters will be updating this breaking news blog in real time. The NPR Politics team, along with Member station reporters, will be providing live updates in the form of photo, video, commentary and analysis for both national and local contested races.

Though he’s just 22 years old, Minneapolis-based musician and vocalist John Mark Nelson has already released four albums.  He released his first album independently while he was still a junior at Minnetonka High School.  His most recent, “I’m Not Afraid,” came out last September.  NPR featured Nelson on both World Cafe Next and Heavy Rotation: 10 Tracks Public Radio Can't Stop Playing, calling I'm Not Afraid "mesmerizing."  The Garage Concert Series, sponsored by Jackalope and The Numad Group, and hosted at The Garage, proudly presents John Mark Nelson tomorrow night at 8:00.  

NPR’s award-winning media correspondent David Folkenflik’s “MURDOCH’S WORLD: The Last of the Old Media Empires” (October 22nd, 2013) is an unflinching, unprecedented exploration of News Corporation’s vast and imposing influence on global politics and a revelatory portrait of the man who remains the most significant media tycoon in the world—Rupert Murdoch.  In “MURDOCH’S WORLD,” Folkenflik masters the history of News Corp, the dynamics of the Murdoch family, and the world they inhabit to explain how the man behind Britain’s take-no-prisoners tabloids, who reinvigorated Roger Ailes by backin

The Most Heard Voice On Public Radio

Sep 26, 2013

For many years, listeners across the country have heard Frank Tavares dozens of times a day as the man who says "Support for NPR comes from NPR member stations...", announcing the funding credits after every national news and information program. His new book, "The Man Who Built Boxes," showcases his unique and masterful story-telling abilities with twelve stories, and a remarkable cast of complex, quirky characters tangled up in the limits they've put on their lives.

"Ask Me Another"

Apr 15, 2013

"Ask Me Another" is a rambunctious hour that blends brainteasers and local pub trivia with comedy and music.  "Ask Me Another" can now be heard on SDPB Radio Sunday nights at 7:00 p.m. Central.  Dakota Midday host Karl Gehrke visited with "Ask Me Another" host Ophira Eisenberg and house musician Jonathan Coulton.

Covering Wounded Knee In '73

Mar 5, 2013

Kevin McKiernan was a reporter for National Public Radio and Minnesota Public Radio during the 1973 occupation of Wounded Knee.  He was based in Minnesota when he traveled to Wounded Knee to cover the conflict.  By the time he arrived, the government was barring journalists from entering the village of Wounded Knee.  Lakota guides lead him through the back roads and past the federal blockade.  He was the only journalist with an inside view of the standoff.  McKiernan returned to Wounded Knee last week on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the occupation.

Roy Blount Jr.

Sep 28, 2012

Roy Blount Jr. is the author of 22 books about everything from the first female president of the United States to what barnyard animals are thinking.  Blount is a panelist on NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me and, in 2009, he received the Thomas Wolfe Award from the University of North Carolina.  He joined Dakota Midday host Karl Gehrke Friday during the Festival of Books in Sioux Falls.