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In The Moment … August 12, 2020 Show 879 Hour 1

Joe Biden has a running mate, Sturgis-bound traffic is being turned away at a Cheyenne River Reservation checkpoint, and a new face won't be chiseled into Mt. Rushmore - at least we think! The Dakota Political Junkies discuss these topics ... and what's up between Governor Noem and Vice President Pence? Jon Schaff is a Professor of Political Science at Northern State University in Aberdeen, and Jon Hunter is publisher of the Madison Daily Leader.

Dakota Political Junkies

Jul 1, 2020

In The Moment … July 1, 2020 Show 850 Hour 2

College Admissions During COVID-19

May 19, 2020
LA Johnson / NPR

In The Moment … May 19, 2020 Show 820 Hour 1

Going back to school is all part of getting back to normal. How are South Dakota colleges preparing for the return of students? How have they uniquely maintained contact with students, especially incoming freshmen during the pandemic? And how much different will the on-campus experience be this fall? Justin Fraase is the director of enrollment, communications and marketing at Northern State University in Aberdeen, and Aimee VanderFeen is the vice president for enrollment at the University of Sioux Falls.

Political Junkies: The "Back to Normal" Plan

Apr 29, 2020

In The Moment ... April 28, 2020 Show 806 Hour 2

NSU Adds Online Option for Freshman Orientation

Apr 23, 2020

Northern State University in Aberdeen will take some of its freshman orientation program online. Virtual events will begin in May to prepare new students for college life. 

NSU usually holds five or six orientation days – or HOWL Days, which stands for Helping Our Wolves Learn. Justin Fraase is director of communications and marketing for the school. He says each one attracts up to 80 incoming freshman students. Typically they visit campus, register for classes and get acclimated. 

Fraase says there are still a few in-person HOWL days scheduled for later this summer.

Dakota Political Junkies

Feb 26, 2020

In The Moment ... February 26, 2020 Show 761 Hour 2

Every Wednesday, two “Dakota Political Junkies” join us to discuss the top political headlines of the week. Today, we're joined by Mike Card, associate professor of Political Science at the University of South Dakota, and Jon Schaff, professor of Political Science at Northern State University.

Politics and public policy reporting is supported by The Center for Western Studies at Augustana University

Political Junkies: Jan 22, 2020

Jan 22, 2020

In The Moment ... January 22, 2020 Show 738 Hour 1

A new poll looks at the approval rating of Governor Noem. A South Dakota lawmaker says consolidation in higher education might help bring down tuition rates. And a bill addressing transgender healthcare hears testimony in Pierre. The Dakota Political Junkies join us for a look at some of the state's top political headlines.  Jon Schaff is a professor of political science at Northern State University in Aberdeen. Jonathan Ellis is a reporter and columnist with Argus Leader Media.  


In The Moment ... December 11, 2019 Show 717 Hour 2

Does legislation requiring registration of people circulating petitions chill free speech in South Dakota? A civil trial at the Aberdeen federal courthouse challenges the implementation of HB 1094.  Reports from counties in Minnesota and North Dakota show communities divided over refugee resettlement. Is the quarrel coming to South Dakota?  The Dakota Political Junkies join us to discuss the top political topics of the day. We're joined by Mike Card and Jon Schaff. 

In The Moment ... November 12, 2019 Show 698 Hour 2

Award-winning author, journalist, and radio host Manoush Zomorodi is fascinated by the intersection of technology and brain science. Specifically, what's happening inside our brains when we get bored.

Zomorodi is author of the book Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive and Creative Self. She's coming to Northern State University in Aberdeen this week as part of the Common Read.


In The Moment ... October 28, 2019 Show 688 Hour 1

Officials from Northern State University recently attended the 26th annual Conference on International Programs in China earlier this month. The conference was co-organized by Northern and its partner university, the University of Jinan.

NSU Study Abroad and CEIB advisor Dominika Blum, and Hannah Walters, assistant professor of Marketing at NSU, detail this year's conference as they join In The Moment from the Tom and Danielle Aman Foundation Studio in Aberdeen.

In the Moment ... October 9, 2019 Show 676 Hour 2

Work will begin soon on the new Northern State University Regional Sports Complex. A groundbreaking is set for Friday afternoon at 1:30 during Gypsy Day weekend.

What does this do for Northern State University's campus, its students, its programs and the city of Aberdeen?

With more on that, we welcome Dr. Tim Downs, president of Northern State University, and Josh Moon, NSU Athletic Director.


In the Moment ... September 4, 2019 Show 651 Hour 2

Why is the South Dakota Democratic Party closing their offices in Rapid City and Sioux Falls?

What's the latest on the proposed uranium mine near Edgemont?

And what is former Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether's big announcement this afternoon?

Rapid City Journal enterprise reporter Seth Tupper and Northern State University professor of Political Science Jon Schaff discuss in our weekly Dakota Political Junkies roundtable.


In The Moment ... August 21, 2019 Show 642 Hour 2

The Minnehaha County Democrats, in a press release today, say a candidate will step forward to run against Representative Dusty Johson in 2020. Could it be Whitney Raver?

Dakota Political Junkies Jon Hunter and Jon Schaff also discuss this week's industrial hemp hearings and the Frank La Mere Native American Presidential Forum.


In The Moment ... July 24, 2019 Show 622 Hour 2

State finance leaders say South Dakota could face a revenue shortfall in fiscal year 2020. 

Congressman Dusty Johnson wants to see the U.S,/Mexico/Canada trade agreement come to the house floor for ratification before August.

A new poll shows Governor Kristi Noem's disapproval rating is up.


In The Moment ... June 19, 2019 Show 599 Hour 1

Last week, Northern State University announced Saul Phillips as their new men's head basketball coach. Phillips has 12 years of head coaching experience in Division 1 college basketball.

SDPB's Nate Wek had the opportunity to chat with the new Wolves boss. 

Dakota Political Junkies

Jun 12, 2019

In The Moment ... June 12, 2019 Show 594 Hour 2

It's that time of the week where we bring in the Dakota Political Junkies. Today we have Jonathan Ellis with the Sioux Falls Argus Leader and Jon Schaff, political science professor at Northern State University in Aberdeen.

Today the discussion includes the Keystone KL Pipeline and Hemp/2019 Farm Bill.


In The Moment ... May 29, 2019 Show 584 Hour 2

The ACLU is asking a federal court to step in and prevent South Dakota from enforcing the new "riot boosting" law ... and a feather in the cap at graduation causes a stir.

Dakota Political Junkies Jon Schaff and Jon Hunter dig into the issues in SDPB's weekly political roundtable. 

A former employee of Northern State University has appealed her firing to the South Dakota Supreme Court. The former director of the student affairs counseling center says she was fired in December 2017 as retaliation for whistle-blowing. Her university supervisors and the Board of Regents say she didn't go through proper channels to appeal her firing.

The Supreme Court heard arguments on Tuesday, April 30. SDPB's Victoria Wicks has this report.

Dakota Political Junkies: Interim Studies

Apr 3, 2019

In The Moment ... April 3, 2019 Show 548 Hour 2

The South Dakota Legislature will conduct interim studies of industrial hemp and the meth epidemic as they look ahead to the 2020 session.

And, Representative Scyller Borlum is traveling the state and talking with people about how to make education in rural South Dakota more accessible.

Sampen And Bunce Bring "In Two Worlds" To NSU

Apr 1, 2019

In The Moment ... April 1, 2019 Show 547 Hour 1

Northern State University hosts a unique program Monday featuring acclaimed saxophonist John Sampen and composer and engineer Mark Bunce. "In Two Worlds" is their multi-disciplinary presentation designed as a seamless musical experience highlighted by projected visuals, interactive electronics and theatrical activities.

The performance is free to attend. It begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Krikac Auditorium on the NSU campus.

In The Moment ... March 19, 2019 Show 538 Hour 1

Indra Chandrasekar is a scientist at Sanford.  She examines cell trafficking defects in kidney and brain diseases. Today March 19th, she's they keynote speaker at the NSU Research, Scholarship and Creativity Forum on the campus of Northern State University. Andrew Russell is NSU's undergraduate research coordinator. They both join us today with a preview.


In The Moment ... March 11, 2019 Show 532 Hour 2

This Thursday March 14th, the South Dakota high school boys basketball tournament begins. These games are played on the campus of Northern State University in Aberdeen inside the Barnett Center. SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt gets the honors to call these games on SDPB TV. He joins us now for a preview.

Sports and Recreation programming is sponsored by Delta Hotels by Marriott Minneapolis Northeast. Learn more at

In The Moment ... December 3, 2018 Show 471 Hour 1

Jon Schaff, is political science professor from Northern State University in Aberdeen. From time to time, he lectures on George McGovern. He joins us today with more on this once presidential candidate.

In The Moment ... November 26, 2018 Show 466 Hour 2

Teresa Stallings, Ph.D in Sociology will give her final lecture this Wednesday at the Williams Library Rotunda at noon on the campus of Northern State University in Aberdeen as she is retiring. The lecture is titled, "The Power of Unintended Consequences or How Do We Get Here from There." It's about the impact of social forces on shaping higher education

Grieg Society Celebrates With "Northern Lights"

Nov 5, 2018
Northern State University

In The Moment ... November 5, 2018 Show 454 Hour 1

The Edvard Grieg Society of the Dakotas presents "Northern Lights: Celebrating Grieg, Vinje and Kjerulf" November 8-9 at Northern State University in Aberdeen.

Dr. Marla Fogderud of NSU is one of the many performers. She's also presenting a lecture session and poetry reading.


In The Moment ... October 29 2018 Show 449 Hour 1

Tonight at 7 CT in the William Library round room on the campus of Northern State University, a forum discussing how individuals in smaller communities consume news is taking place.

Dr. Elizabeth Haller is associate professor of English/department chair at Northern. Megan Rosendahl is the Digital Media Director for Aberdeen American News.

Germans From Russia

Oct 25, 2018
Northern State University

In The Moment ... October 25. 2018 Show 448 Hour 2

Germans from Russia are one of the major ethnic groups to settle in South Dakota and help build our state. 

Their journeys and lives are being celebrated this evening and beyond by way of the new South Dakota Germans from Russia Cultural Center on the campus of Northern State University in Aberdeen.  An opening reception takes place this evening from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Bush Con Takeaways

Oct 9, 2018
Northern State University

In The Moment ... October 9. 2018 Show 438 Hour 2

Bush Con is a networking event that is designed to build stronger connections among leaders in South and North Dakota and Minnesota and the 23 Native nations that share the same geography.

Ioana Hojda, assistant director of international admissions at Northern State University, and Lara Nelson, director of the American Indian Circle Program at Northern State University, were part of the conference. They joined In The Moment to provide their takeaways.

In The Moment ... May 9, 2018 Show 333 Hour 2

Welcome to the season of final exams and commencements as students across the state get ready to turn the tassel and figure out what's next in life.

But not all graduates are just beginning to stare into the chasm of adulthood. Some have been here for a while. Maybe you're thinking about continuing your own education.

Today we welcome Northern State University graduate Jim Kurkowski. He enrolled at the college in 1961. He graduated in 2018.

In the Moment ... February 12, 2018 Show 275 Hour 1

The Aberdeen University/Civic Symphony presents the second concert of its 98th season on Saturday, Feb. 17, in the Harvey and Cynthia Jewett Theater in the Johnson Fine Arts Center at NSU.

The featured work on the program  is "Ellis Island: Dream of America, for Seven Actors, Orchestra and Visual Projections" by the Grammy-nominated American composer Peter Boyer.