Church Sex Abuse Statute Of Limitations Stands

Feb 19, 2015

Those who say they suffered childhood sexual abuse by clergy will have to comply with 2010 statute of limitations after a narrow vote by a state legislative committee.

In 2010, with the backing of church lobbyists, state lawmakers approved a new statute of limitations restricting some types of civil litigation in childhood sex abuse cases.  Proponents testified that alleged abuse in Catholic Indian Boarding Schools happened so long ago few of the accused are alive to defend themselves.

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  An effort to add more newborn screening tests is moving through the legislature.  A House Committee approved Senate Bill 60 that adds inherited and genetic disorders to the list of diseases tested on infants.

A legislative committee has approved a proposal that requires parental consent for minors to use indoor tanning beds at salons.

The House Health and Human Services Committee voted 8-5 on Thursday for the amended plan, which originally banned minors from using tanning facilities at all.

Republican Rep. Lana Greenfield of Doland says she thinks the proposal interferes with small businesses and requires something that’s already being done.

Rediscovering Native Art on Cheyenne River

Feb 17, 2015
Courtesy Four Bands Community Fund

A Native American nonprofit organization plans to boost the economy of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation by promoting cultural tourism. The Four Bands Community Fund will implement a project to assist 100 Native Americans in building an art business by providing access to loan capital, equity injections, and professional development training.

Lower Brule Leaders' Have Day In Court

Feb 16, 2015
Photo by Jim Kent

 Newly elected Lower Brule Sioux tribal leaders were in court last week as directed by subpoenas first-served on them last December. As SDPB’s Jim Kent reports, Lower Brule Sioux tribal members were surprised by what took place in the courtroom – both before and during the proceedings.

Four Chaplains Memorial Service February 15

Feb 14, 2015
Courtesy U.S. Army Chaplains Center and School

A memorial service is planned for this Sunday at the LifeSpring Wesleyan Church in Sturgis to acknowledge the sacrifice made by “the Four Chaplains”. Four U.S. Army chaplains of various religious faiths gave their life jackets to American soldiers on a sinking ship during World War Two in order to save their lives.

It was a cold February morning when the periscope of the German submarine U-223 broke the chilled waters of the Atlantic with the U.S.A.T. Dorchester in its sites.

Lower Brule Tribal Leaders Face-Off In Court

Feb 13, 2015

Lower Brule Sioux leaders met in tribal court on Thursday in what has become a continuing battle for political control of the Lower Brule Sioux tribe.

This phase involved two tribal council representatives and the tribal vice-chairman. All three were newly elected to their positions last fall.

A dispute with Lower Brule Sioux Tribal Chairman Mike Jandreau in November resulted in Jandreau walking out of a council meeting along with two council members who support him.

Red Cloud Student Horatio Alger Scholar

Feb 11, 2015
Courtesy Red Cloud Indian School

 A student at Red Cloud Indian School has been awarded the Horatio Alger Scholarship. The competitive award supports deserving young people who have overcome challenges in their lives in order to pursue higher education.

Jaime Rae Richards is a senior at the Pine Ridge Reservation’s Red Cloud Indian School. She’s also manager of the girls’ basketball team. And now, she’s a 2015 Horatio Alger Scholar.

New Deputy Superintendent At Badlands

Feb 3, 2015
Courtesy Badlands National Park

There’s a new deputy superintendent at Badlands National Park who arrives on the job not only with years of experience under his belt, but with a deep cultural connection to the area. Reed Robinson is Lakota with ties to both the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Sioux Reservations.

Courtesy Netha Cloeter

Indigenous women from across the country are taking part in a week-long series of events this month aimed at raising awareness of missing, murdered and abused Native American and First Nations women. The “Sing Our Rivers Red” program includes a variety of presentations along with a unique art project that women of all races are being asked to take part in.

Photo by Jim Kent

The death certificate for a Lakota girl found dead on the Pine Ridge Reservation last November has been released by the South Dakota Department of Health. But the document leaves as many questions unresolved as it answers about a tragic incident.

Jayla Rodriguez was found dead at the bottom of a hill on the Pine Ridge Reservation on the evening of November 18, 2014. The 8-year old Lakota girl had been playing in the snow and sledding down that same hill.

Courtesy Sheryl Estes Scott

Lower Brule Sioux elders and treaty council members are meeting in the aftermath of an investigative report by Human Rights Watch to discuss allegations of misappropriation of federal funds by their tribal leaders.

We visited the Lower Brule Sioux Reservation and found that as much as many tribal members were aware of what they allege are years of administrative mismanagement, others have been completely surprised by the report’s findings.

Lower Brule Treaty Council Plans For Future

Jan 21, 2015
Photo by Jim Kent

 As repercussions from the Human Rights Watch report on irregularities in its tribal government continue to ripple across the Lower Brule Sioux Reservation, grass roots tribal members are gathering to plan changes in what’s become the status quo.

We sit in on a meeting at the Lower Brule Treaty Office to ask how the long-term administration of Chairman Mike Jandreau has impacted people on a personal basis and what their hopes are for the future.

Lower Brule Tribe Grass Roots Movement

Jan 12, 2015
Courtesy Lower Brule Sioux Tribe

As the non-profit group Human Rights Watch released a report alleging corruption and mismanagement of federal funds by the Lower Sioux Tribal government, grass roots members of the tribe are raising their voices to be heard.  

Among them are the newly-elected Lower Brule vice-chairman and a respected tribal elder.

Governor Dennis Daugaard announced a $56 million investment to improve state owned rail lines.  The money is a combination of public and private funds.  The Governor says he is prepared to invest in more partnerships to improve rail transportation in the state. 

Oglala Sioux Tribe Registers Dogs

Dec 8, 2014
Courtesy Lakota Animal Care Project

  The Oglala Sioux Tribe begins registering dogs on the Pine Ridge Reservation today (Monday) along with providing rabies shots to all those dogs registered.  The move comes as a result of the death of a young Lakota girl 3 weeks ago allegedly as the result of a dog attack.

Pet registrations and vaccinations on the Pine Ridge Reservation continue through December 19. The Oglala Sioux Tribe is not guaranteeing that every community will receive a visit from Animal Control personnel, but does assure that each of the reservation’s 9 districts are on the list.

Elders Take Stand Against Dog Roundups

Dec 4, 2014
Photo by Jim Kent

As the Oglala Sioux Tribe announced plans to begin rounding up dogs on November 29, elders across the Pine Ridge Reservation began gathering to discuss how to counter what they felt was a knee-jerk reaction by tribal leadership to the recent death of 8-year old Jayla Rodriguez.

Although everyone seems to agree that there’s an overpopulation of dogs on Pine Ridge…arbitrarily choosing to shoot any dog that’s not confined isn’t the traditional Lakota way.

Giving Tuesday For Native Law Students

Dec 2, 2014
Courtesy U of A IPLP

Attorneys across the country are being asked to donate the first billable hour of their day on December second as part of the “Giving Tuesday” movement being celebrated by the University of Arizona’s Law School. The donations will help fund scholarships for Native American law students.

Pine Ridge Elders Question Dog Roundups

Nov 26, 2014
Courtesy Lakota Animal Care Project

As residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation try to come to terms with the recent death of a young Lakota girl, community elders are gathering to discuss the repercussions from her passing. The decision by Oglala Sioux tribal officials to unilaterally round up and destroy dogs considered strays as a safeguard against possible attacks on children is considered an overreaction by many and counter to Lakota cultural traditions.

Lakota Girl Dies On Pine Ridge Reservation

Nov 21, 2014
Courtesy Red Cloud Indian School

News of the death of a young Lakota girl is hitting the Pine Ridge Reservation hard, especially at the Red Cloud Indian School. Students on the close-knit campus have been emotionally impacted by the realization that one of their own is no longer in class.

Oglala Sioux Police Chief Ron Duke says a pack of dogs attacked and killed Jayla Rodriquez late Tuesday afternoon while she was sledding near a housing complex.

The eight-year old was a student at the Red Cloud Indian School – where superintendent Ted Hamilton says students and faculty are shocked by her passing.

Lakota Man Awarded Carnegie Hero Medal

Oct 13, 2014
Courtesy Carnegie Hero Fund Commission

A Native American man and a non-Native teen who gave their lives trying to save a small boy from the swirling waters of the Big Sioux River have been posthumously awarded the Carnegie Hero Medal. The recognition is a prestigious honor that isn’t bestowed upon many.

Courtesy Colombe family.

The death of a young Lakota woman on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation continues to raise questions in her community more than a month after her passing.   Family and friends of Feather Rae Colombe never expected to hear that she had died following a high-speed police pursuit.

Photo by Jim Kent

June 6 was the final day for public comments on the question to reintroduce bison to Badlands National Park’s South Unit – an area being considered for re-designation as the country’s first tribally-managed national park.

But recent legislation by the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council has created a murky cloud over the ability of tribal members to differentiate between the issue of placing bison on the South Unit and the tribe’s desire to appropriate lands adjacent to that area.

Domestic Violence Walks Raise Awareness

May 16, 2014
Courtesy WAVI

Two walks are taking place in Rapid City this weekend to heighten awareness of domestic violence and sexual abuse. We visit with one woman whose taking part in memory of a relative and her children in order to remind the public that not all domestic violence victims survive the abuse.

When Nikkole Bostnar steps out on Rapid City’s streets this Saturday, she’ll be thinking of her sister-in-law and the woman’s two young children.

Courtesy Nobel Women's Initiative

There are 6 living female recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. One of them, Jody Williams, is from the United States. 

We spent some time with Ms. Williams during her recent visit to the Pine Ridge Reservation to talk about the causes the Vermont native has spent a good portion of her life fighting for: peace, human rights and women’s rights.

1st Female State CSM In Guard History

Nov 11, 2013
Courtesy CSM Susan Shoe




Gold Nugget Strikes Big At Auction

Sep 30, 2013
Courtesy Deadwood History, Inc.

A historic auction held in Deadwood last Saturday saw a 7-ounce gold nugget sell for 4 times its value.

When Potato Creek Johnny found the 7-plus troy ounce gold nugget named for him in 1929, he said it looked like a woman’s leg. Johnny hoped someday to find the other gold “leg”.

Deadwood History executive director Mary Kopco says the prospector’s dream came true with the assistance of The Clock Shop in Rapid City.

High School Climbers Set To Compete

May 9, 2013

When you think of high school sports football, basketball, or volleyball might come to mind.   But why not rock climbing? Competitive indoor climbing is a new sport taking off across the country.   This weekend the first ever high school indoor climbing competition is taking place in the Black Hills.    

SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray has more.

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