Lee Strubinger / SDPB

Researchers with the Majorana Demonstrator Collaboration have proven they can create an environment that  lets them see what’s called neutrino-less double beta decay.

Lingo aside, it’s a reaction that researchers say may help explain why matter exists.

The Yates is one of two shafts from the Homestake Mine that takes researchers down 4,850 feet.

High Hopes For DUNE At Sanford Lab

May 16, 2016

Scientists from across the country gather at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology this week to talk about an upcoming experiment at the Sanford Lab. The project is called DUNE.

DUNE isn’t only an award winning sci-fi novel, but also an acronym. It stands for deep underground neutrino experiment. The project is a collaboration between Sanford Lab and Fermilab.

Sanford Lab Aims To Land Big New Project

Jun 19, 2013

Scientists at the Sanford Lab are working to land another major research project.

The Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment or LBNE may sound like something out of a 1960’s science fiction movie, but it may become reality at the Sanford Lab as soon as 2017.

The experiment includes a large neutrino gun located at Fermi Lab near Chicago that shoots a beam of the tiny particles through the earth and into detectors located at the Sanford Lab.