Neither Wolf Nor Dog

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... June 17, 2019 Show 597 Hour 2

Award winning author and sculptor Kent Nerburn has been on tour this month as the South Dakota One Book Author. He's been talking about his book Neither Wolf Nor Dog.

Today, he joins SDPB's Lori Walsh in the Leo P. Flynn Gallery in Sioux Falls to detail his artistic process, eloquently outlined in his most recent book Dancing with the Gods. It's a meditative exploration on the sacred work of art that challenges as much as it inspires.

Victoria Wicks

The author of South Dakota's One Book selection stopped at the Rapid City Public Library on Sunday, June 9. Kent Nerburn spoke to an audience about the selected book, Neither Wolf Nor Dog, and about his life as a writer and artist. The book was made into a 2016 movie filmed on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Nerburn has written 14 books, and he tells SDPB's Victoria Wicks about his writing process.

Nerburn will be back in the Black Hills in October for the Festival of Books in Deadwood, where he'll give the keynote address.

In The Moment ... September 28, 2017 Show 187 Hour 2

Author Kent Nerburn's book "Neither Wolf Nor Dog" became known inside Hollywood as the great unmade Native American novel. Producers tried, and failed, to bring the book to the screen for more than 20 years. Scottish Filmmaker Steven Lewis Simpson managed the project with an 18 day shoot with a 95-year-old star and fan support from Kickstarter. "Neither Wolf Nor Dog," the film, returns to South Dakota and opens at the Brookings Cinema 8 in Brookings and the Logan Luxury 5 Theater in Mitchell. Joining us is Steven Lewis Simpson.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... April 25, 2017 Show 079 Hour 1

Deborah LaVine's film, "Wild Prairie Rose" shows at the Black Hills Film Festival. LaVine joins us for a conversation about directing, filming in Beresford, and unexpected insight into what makes a good life.

The Black Hills Film Festival kicks off this weekend in Hill City. We begin the hour by talking with Chris VanNess about festival highlights.

In The Moment ... April 25, 2017 Show 079 Hour 2

Last hour, we talked with author Kent Nerburn about his book "Neither Wolf Nor Dog." The book was adapted by filmmaker Steven Lewis Simpson and shows this week at the Black Hills Film Festival. Simpson sat down with Bill Thomas of Prairie Public to talk about taking the book from page to screen.