Introducing Six-man Football In South Dakota

Oct 3, 2018
Norfolk Daily News

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Next fall, South Dakota will re-introduce six-man football to the state.  The State High School Activities Association voted to eliminate Class 9-B and create a class to better fit South Dakota's smallest high schools. 

The six-man game has been played in Nebraska for a long time. Friday night, the Bulldogs of Humphrey-Lindsay Holy Family played the Walthill Bluejays in Lindsay. 

Measles Cases Increase In Surrounding State

Apr 26, 2017
South Dakota Department of Health

Measles cases are popping up in various places across the Midwest. South Dakota officials say there is no trace of the disease in this state yet.

Officials have now confirmed 20 measles cases around Minneapolis Minnesota. 16 of the cases were children who had not been vaccinated. Two cases have also been found in Lincoln County Nebraska.

South Dakota has been relatively measles-free with the exception of 10 cases in 2015. Before that it was 17 years since the state saw any cases.

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Goat Island Finds A Home

Oct 13, 2016
National Park Service

Goat Island has a new caretaker following a twenty year dispute.

Ownership of the 500-acre strip of land on the Missouri River between South Dakota and Nebraska has been contested since 1999.

The National Park Service will now manage the island.

Officials say now that the Goat Island dispute is settled, the National Park Service can manage the area in a way that boosts recreational opportunities.

Some Nebraska lawmakers are campaigning for a South Dakota ballot initiative. Nebraska elects state legislators without separating them into political parties. They say many of the legislative races in South Dakota are decided even before the general election - and that erodes the integrity of the political system. Nebraska has used non-partisan elections for more than 80 years. SDPB's Kealey Bultena has this conversation with Nebraska State Senators Galen Hadley, Colby Coash and Adam Morfeld.

Sioux Falls Argus Leader

A suspect in last weekend’s shooting death at a Sioux Falls casino was captured in southeast Wyoming late Wednesday night.   Jared Stone led police from five states on a manhunt before his arrest.

Stone is accused of killing Baptiste White Eyes last Friday night in front of the Lucky Lady Casino in Sioux Falls.  Stone has apparently been running ever since.  The U-S Marshal’s Service received a tip that Stone was at a home on the Rosebud Indian Reservation—but Marshal Scott Rolstad says the suspect left the home in Mission before police could get there.

32-20 Productions

In the summer of 2006, Dr. Steven Haataja arrived at Chadron State College in northwestern Nebraska. That winter the mathematics professor disappeared without a trace and 95 days later his body was discovered tied to a tree and burned beyond recognition on a private ranch in the remote hills south of campus. Theories about what happened ranged from murder or suicide to even space aliens.

Group Of 200+ Suing Corps Of Engineers

Mar 6, 2014

A group of more than 200 farmers and business owners along the Missouri River have filed a lawsuit against the U.S.

"Nebraska" Film Nominated For Several Awards

Jan 22, 2014

Sioux Falls actor/bail bondsman Kevin Kunkel has a role in the comedy/drama, "Nebraska," which was released on November 15. The movie is directed by Alexander Payne and stars Bruce Dern and Will Forte. Last Friday, "Nebraska" received several Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor among others. "Nebraska" started filming in locations in its namesake state in November 2012. Filming moved to Billings, Montana; Buffalo, Wyoming; and Rapid City, South Dakota and wrapped in December after a 35-day shoot.