Images of the Past

Nov 23, 2020

In The Moment … November 23, 2020 Show 947 Hour 2

Joe Yracheta & Guthrie Ducheneaux

Nov 20, 2020
Joe Yracheta

In The Moment … November 19, 2020 Show 945 Hour 2

As the entire world strives to become better equipped to fight an emerging infectious disease, public health measures, interventions, and even vaccines can have different impacts in different communities. Historically, Native American communities suffer worse health outcomes than any other population group in the United States.


In a historic moment, the Rapid City Council has voted to approve a resolution  that is valued at $20 million dollars that will “Resolve Three Outstanding Deeds Related to the Rapid City Indian Boarding School Lands,” in a 9-to-1 vote Nov. 16th.

In The Moment … November 6, 2020 Show 937 Hour 1

Craig Howe’s New Film, "Takuwe"

Oct 23, 2020

In The Moment … October 23, 2020 Show 927 Hour 1

This region is home to a thriving contemporary indigenous arts scene. As South Dakota recognizes Native American Day, we spend time in conversation with a few artists.