National Music Museum

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... June 29, 2018 Show 369 Hour 1 

It's time to move forward. During the 2018 South Dakota legislative session in Pierre, lawmakers approved a proposal for a $9.5 million building project for the National Music Museum in Vermilion. At the time of the approval, the project was already funded through the generosity of private donors.

Patricia Bornhofen and Rodger Kelly of the National Music Museum detail the plans.

Catalina Vicens Plays The Neapolitan

Mar 20, 2018

In The Moment ... March 20, 2018 Show 300 Hour 2

Last spring, Catalina Vicens was invited to play the Neapolitan, the oldest playable harpsichord, at the National Music Museum in Vermillion.

The event was recorded and released on CD, Il Cembalo di Partenope. Vicens, a native of Chile, joined In The Moment from her home in Basel, Switzerland to share her exciting experience.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... October 31, 2017 Show 210 Hour 2

Friday night you can stop by the National Music Museum in Vermillion to see clarinetist Luis Viquez in concert. That begins at 7 p.m. Viquez is the director of the University of South Dakota Symphony Orchestra. He's the assistant professor of music at USD, director of the concert band.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... September 20, 2017 Show 181 Hour 2

If you've walked the corridors of the National Music Museum, brought your brown bag lunch to the concert series, or read about the museum in the New York Times, you've brushed shoulders, in a way, with our next guest. Cleveland Johnson has served nearly five years as the Director of the National Music Museum. He's an Oxford-educated music historian. He's leaving us and heading to the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... April 7, 2017 Show 067 Hour 1

It's Friday and it's time for our weekly Moment in Sound. This week we welcome Mark Petričić on the bayan . You can see him in concert tonight at the National Music Museum in Vermillion at 7 p.m. Central time. Also ... a preview show at the Muenster University Center in the Pit Lounge.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... March 28, 2017 Show 059 Hour 1

Today we bring you one of the highlights from the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra season. In January, the symphony performed Theodore Wiprud's Sinfonietta. It was the world premiere of the piece.

Ted Wiprud is a composer, a concert presenter, educator and music executive. He currently serves as Vice President of Education for the New York Philharmonic.

This week's podcast features a conversation with blues musician Davy Knowles, poetry from Patrick Hicks, and music from The Minneapolis Guitar Quartet.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... March 17, 2017 Show 052 Hour 1

The book that gave the world William Shakespeare is one of the most treasured tomes of all time. Shakespeare’s First Folio is visiting the National Music Museum on the campus of the University of South Dakota. It’s a traveling exhibit from the Folger Shakespeare Library and it’s making one stop in each of the 50 states.

Dakota Midday spends a literary lunch hour swimming in all things Shakespeare with Dr. Darlene Farabee, project director and chair of the English Department at the University of South Dakota, and Cleveland Johnson, director of the National Music Museum.

The National Music Museum in Vermillion kicks off its 2016 Live! series this week. T. Wilson King will play four guitars from the museum's collection. The guitarist and Arian Sheets, curator of the museum's stringed instruments, discuss the nature of improvisation, expansion efforts at the museum, and how live music plays to the overall mission of art and history.

Cleveland Johnson, Director of the National Music Museum in Vermillion, detailed "A Night at the Museum: A Collaboration with the National Music Museum."  The Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City is being transformed into a modern-day museum brought to life through the power of music.  This unique concert experience features concertos performed on four historic instruments from the Museum's most treasured collections.  A variety of unique instruments will also be on display throughout the Orpheum for this weekend's events.

"King" Cello Returns To Vermillion

Sep 21, 2015

The National Music Museum has just had one of its rarest instruments returned. The Amati ‘King’ Cello was on display at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

National Music Museum, Vermillion, South Dakota

Vermillion’s National Music Museum is home to the world’s earliest known cello. But this summer the the 16th century Amati 'King' cello is on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Given its rarity and value, the stringed instrument rarely leaves South Dakota.

: Photo courtesy of Cowan’s Auctions, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio.

A new exhibit at the National Music Museum in Vermillion, “Banding Together: The American Soldier’s Musical Arsenal,” explores the role of music from the Revolutionary War to the war in Afghanistan.

Nirmala Rajasekar is regarded as a master of the an Indian stringed instrument called  the veena. Her music comes from the Carnatic tradition of her native southern India. She now lives in Plymouth, Minnesota. She’s giving a concert Thursday evening at the National Music Museum in Vermillion. Museum's director Cleveland Johnson has studied music in India. He joined Dakota Midday and discussed Carnatic music and the artistry of Nirmala Rajasekar.

National Music Museum

Google is coming to Vermillion to create a virtual tour of the National Music Museum. A crew will use  a seven- foot trolley to capture 360-degree imagery that will allow visitors from around the world to explore the museum’s collection of historical instruments online at the Google Cultural Institute.

Troy Jones / National Music Museum

The man who invented the saxophone, Antoine-Jospeh "Adolphe" Sax was born 200 years ago this year in Belgium. The National Music Museum in Vermillion is marking his birth anniversary with the exhibition, “Celebrating the Saxes.”

The National Music Museum in Vermillion is featuring sound artist and viral-video musician Johnnyrandom (Flip Baber) at their open house this Friday and Saturday. Johnnyrandom's techno song "Bespoken" has become something of an Internet sensation. He created it from thousands of sounds harvested from two bicycles. Johnnyrandom is the creator of the famed 'Doritos crunch' sound effect (among others). Johnnyrandom joined Dakota Midday to talk about his upcoming visit.

"What Makes It Great?": Rob Kapilow

Nov 20, 2013

Tomorrow night at 7:30, Rob Kapilow joins the Rawlins Piano Trio at the National Music Museum for a “What Makes It Great” program exploring Beethoven’s Archduke Trio.  For over 20 years, Kapilow has brought the joy and wonder of classical music – and unraveled some of its mysteries – to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Characterized by his unique ability to create an “aha” moment for his audiences and collaborators, whatever their level of musical sophistication or naiveté, Kapilow’s work brings music into people’s lives.  Kapilow’s What Makes It Great?

National Music Museum

Aug 13, 2013

A South Dakota tuba landed in Seattle this month. The National Music museum at the University of South Dakota is home to the world’s oldest known Wagner tuba.

The National Music Museum is working with the Seattle Opera to help celebrate the 200th birthdays of opera composers Richard Wagner  and Giuseppe Verdi. Here is the complete list of the instruments the museum has on display in Seattle.

Tristan Trumpet
Orchestra Horn
Aida Trumpet
Wagner Tuba
Viola Alta
Contrabass Valve Trombone

"Shapes Of Sounds: Hearing With Your Eyes"

Jun 13, 2013

Hal Rammel is a Wisconsin visual artist, musician, composer and instrument inventor. Some of his instruments are included in the National Music Museum exhibit, the Shapes of Sound: Hearing with your Eyes. The exhibit features more than 40 unusual instruments in a special exhibition that explores some of the museum's Seuss-like holdings, as well as new and unusual musical instruments, instruments made from found objects, experimental musical instruments, and even some whimsical instruments. A gallery talk and reception is this evening from 6-8 p.m.

National Music Museum Receives Unique Elvis Guitar

Apr 26, 2013

The National Music Museum in Vermillion recently received one of Elvis Presley’s guitars. Besides being played by the King of Rock and Roll, the guitar is unique because it’s slightly damaged after Elvis dropped it on stage during a concert. As SDPB’s Cassie Bartlett reports, the music museum is working to broaden its audience.