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Jurors in the trial against Stanley Weber heard testimony on Wednesday, Sept. 25, from two men from Montana. They say the former IHS pediatrician sexually assaulted them when they were boys.

Weber faces similar charges in South Dakota from his time at Pine Ridge.

One of the Montana men was transported to Rapid City by federal prison officials from Kentucky, but the other did not answer his subpoena. The parties circumvented the problem with a courtroom version of readers' theater.

SDPB's Victoria Wicks has this story.

Tuesday, Sept. 24, was the second day of the trial against Stanley Patrick Weber, and we'll start with a warning: This story contains language necessary to tell of allegations of child sexual abuse.

Three men took the stand and testified that the former Indian Health Services pediatrician raped them when they were children. Their stories are similar: Weber first had contact with them when they were patients at the IHS clinic at Pine Ridge.

SDPB's Victoria Wicks has this report.

Lakota People's Law Project

The Oglala Lakota Tribe has officially become the first in the region to pass laws adding protections for LGBT people. A new amendment to tribal law makes crimes against LGBT people “hate crimes” that carry strict fines and sentences.

Additional audio provided by videographer Chuck Banner of Lakota People’s Law Project

An Alaska man was arrested in Sioux Falls for possessing CBD oil. Law enforcement officials say CBD oil is illegal in South Dakota.

CBD is a compound found in cannabis plants—both marijuana and hemp. It appears in products like lotions and drinks and appears in health stores, spas and coffee shops.

It’s the first such arrest after Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg issued a clarifying statement saying current state law makes all forms of CBD oil illegal.

Others say the law is not so clear.

Artist Retreat at Risk After Flooding

Mar 26, 2019
Jackie Hendry

The flooding in southeast South Dakota is also threatening a rare space for the state’s artists. The Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge in Baltic is a non-profit camp meant to give visitors a quiet space to reflect and create. But as the river rises, the camp’s future is uncertain. 

Jackie Hendry

Medical schools in the region are facing a shortage of teachers...but not faculty or staff.  Some of the most critical lessons for medical students, happen in the lab learning from body donors. The University of South Dakota’s Body Donor Program serves schools throughout the state and the region. But a shortage of donors is putting that resource at risk.

Lee Strubinger

In The Moment ... January 8, 2019 Show 490 Hour 1

The Cheyenne River Indian Reservation now has a tribal radio station.

K-I-P-I has had its FCC license for about a month and will serve a valuable role for the community. Tribally run radio stations are important for those in Indian country, especially hyper-rural areas where broadband access is limited.

SDPB’s Lee Strubinger reports…

The call letters for K-I-P-I radio are perfect for the Eagle Butte station.

“KIPI is a Lakota term meaning ‘to come home.’”