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In the Moment, May 7, 2021 Show 1044.

  • Matt Zimmer is back with us talking Jackrabbit football. SDSU is one win away from a first-ever national championship as they take on Delaware this Saturday morning at Dana J Dykhouse stadium in Brookings.



In the Moment, May 6, 2021 Show 1043.

History, Patriotism, And Political Socialization

May 5, 2021

In the Moment, May 5, 2021 Show 1042.

Laura Edwards is the SDSU Extension State Climatologist. She joins to discuss the U.S. Climate Normal Report and its significance to how we view weather along with highlights from the report and how they pertain to South Dakota.

Richard Two Bulls talks with an episcopal priest who has a Native American food kitchen in the twin cities.

Our #MMIWinSD Spotlight Conversations, So Far

May 4, 2021

This list will continue to be upated throughout our May Spotlight on #MMIWinSD.

ACLU Indigenous Justice Organizer Candi Brings Plenty offers a legislative update for our #MMIWinSD May Spotlight.


Lily Mendoza of the Red Ribbon Skirt Society discusses the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women crisis in South Dakota and previews a May 5th art installation at the Journey Museum in Rapid City.


The Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis

May 4, 2021
SDPB / Joshua Haiar

In the Moment, May 4, 2021 Show 1041.

South Dakota Begins To Turn The Corner On COVID

May 3, 2021

In the Moment, May 3, 2021 Show 1040.

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As South Dakota seniors eagerly anticipate graduation 2021, some took time to reflect and share with South Dakota Public Broadcasting how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted their last year of high school. Today we hear from a Rapid City Stevens High School Senior.

"My name is Abby Scott and I’m a senior at Stevens High School in Rapid City South Dakota.


  • In the Moment, April 30, 2021 Show 1039.


Americans' love affair with guns begins at an early age. Sometimes we set aside our childish fascinations and fears as we grow. Sometimes our connections with hunting, shooting, surviving, or protecting, evolve into a more nuanced and mature relationship with firearms.

Often those stories feed into our personal politics as we seek to sort through some of the most challenging issues of modern America, gun rights and gun regulations, gun safety and gun violence.


In the Moment, April 29, 2021 Show 1038.


In the Moment, April 28, 2021 Show 1037.


In the Moment, April 27, 2021 Show 1036.


In the Moment, April 24, 2021 Show 1035.

Guns In South Dakota: Firearms Safety And Training

Apr 23, 2021

  • In the Moment, April 22, 2021 Show 1033.





Secretary Malsom-Rysdon Talks Variants & Vaccines

Apr 19, 2021

In the Moment, April 19, 2021 Show 1030.

Tell Us A Story: Guns In South Dakota

Apr 19, 2021
SDPB / Joshua Haiar

If you don’t have a personal history with guns, they can seem abstract. Dangerous. Unnecessary. Often the national debate about gun safety or gun violence reflects that lack of connection.

But in South Dakota almost everyone has a relationship or formative memory with guns. We hunt. We shoot. We collect. We serve.

Guns in South Dakota: The Second Amendment

Apr 16, 2021

In the Moment, April 16, 2021 Show 1029.


In the Moment, April 15, 2021 Show 1028.

In the Moment, April 13, 2021 Show 1026.


In the Moment, April 9, 2021 Show 1024.

  • Vincent Morales is co-founder of the Veterans Community Project. He joins us to talk about a proposed tiny house community for veterans in Sioux Falls, with the goal of ending veteran homelessness.


SDPB / Joshua Haiar

In the Moment, April 8, 2021 Show 1023

In the Moment, April 7, 2021 Show 1022.

  • Dr. Jill Kruse previews Thursday's On Call with the Prairie Doc®. We talk about what the health of your eyes can tell you about your overall health. 



In the Moment, April 6, 2021 Show 1021.

In the Moment with Lori Walsh: April 1, 2021 Show 1020

  • Blocking transgender athletes from playing on girls' sports team continues to be a national issue. SDPB's Lee Strubinger joins us with an update from Gov. Noem and Sen. Thune.


  • The Saint Francis Mission on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation is a Catholic ministry that collaborates with the Lakota people and respects Lakota cultural traditions in conjunction with addressing modern issues facing tribal people. One of their many services is a free dental clinic.


SDPB / Joshua Haiar

In the Moment: March 31, 2021 Show 1019.

South Dakota Dept of Tribal Relations

In the Moment with Lori Walsh: March 30, 2021 Show 1018.

SDPB / Joshua Haiar

In the Moment: March 29, 2021,Show 1017. 

  • Senator John Thune talks immigration and a Spring surge of asylum seekers at the U.S. border with Mexico.


  • Lee Strubinger previews Veto Day and the possible outcomes for HB1217 and medical marijuana.



In the Moment: March 26, 2021 Show 1016.

FOX News

In the Moment: March 24, 2021 Show 1015.

  • Dr. Kelly Evans with On Call with the Prairie Doc® joins us to preview Thursday night's episode. 


  • Dakota Political Junkies discuss Governor Noem's nationwide plea for a coalition to "Defend Title IX Now."


  • We get corny with the new leader of the Mitchell Corn Palace in the latest In Their Own Words.


In the Moment: March 23, 2021 Show 1014.