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Now that hearing aids are offered over the counter, should South Dakotans should bypass an audiologist to get hearing assistance? We talk with Jennifer Phelan, a Vermillion area audiologist.

Megan Feighery reports on restaurant entrepreneurship during the pandemic.

When Governor Kristi Noem spoke at last weekend's Family Council Summit she took aim at some fellow GOP members while criticizing President Biden's handling of the country. SDSU Political Science Professors David Wiltse and Lisa Hager discuss during the Dakota Political Junkies segment.

South Dakota Department of Corrections

Portions of South Dakota have entered stage 1 fire restrictions beginning today. Ryan Cumbow is Acting Zone Fire Management Officer for the Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands; he discusses what this means.

SDPB's Arielle Zionts talks with state penitentiary employees about the recent upheaval and firings at the facility.


COVID-19 cases are on a bit of an uptick in western South Dakota. Dr. Shankar Kurra from Monument Health joins us to discuss the latest with the delta variant.

Secretary Marcia Hultman of the South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation joins us with an update on the economic recovery and back-to-work in South Dakota.

Brandi Morin is a Cree/Iroqouis French journalist on assignment for National Geographic. She has been covering the return of the remains of Native American children from the Carlisle Industrial Indian School to the Rosebud Tribe. We check in with Morin from the road.  

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds discusses Congressional support of repatriations of student remains from federal boarding schools.

Laura Edwards comes on to discuss the drought situation after the recent rainfall. 

Lee Strubinger joins us with a back and forth on the Department of Corrections allegations. Read Lee's latest reporting here.

Jim Furnish is a consulting forester with a 34-year career in the USDA Forest Service. His memoir is called "Toward a Natural Forest." It recaps a tumultuous time in Forest Service history and offers hopes for transformation.

SD Home Garden joins us to preview the latest episode on tropical plants.

  • President Biden's American Rescue Plan is designed to provide relief to Americans and stimulate the economy. The plan ultimately granted Tribes authorization to use these funds to do the same in their jurisdictions. The Oglala Sioux Tribe went live recently with their COVID-10 Household Economic Assistance Program that will provide assistance to eligible tribal members whose households have been negatively affected by COVID.

In The Moment: State Secretary Of Health Talks Delta Variant

Jul 13, 2021

SDPB's Arielle Zionts talks about the latest with Nick Tilsen and the NDN Collective. Tilsen has entered a diversion program, today we learn what that is. Click here to see Tilsen's supporting documents and his memo in support of a motion to dismiss charges.

Opioid addiction medication-assisted treatments are limited in the state. South Dakota News Watch investigative reporter Danielle Ferguson is with us as we look into a Reporter's Notebook.

The Badlands National Park is seeking a dark sky sanctuary designation. Tom Durkin is deputy director of the South Dakota Space Grant Consortium, he joins us with more on dark skies in western South Dakota. 

The remaining $127 million dollars in American Rescue Plan funds are going to be released to South Dakota.  Mary Staddick Smith is the Deputy Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Education, she discusses how the state will use the money.

Faith Bottum is a graduate of South Dakota Mines and has been selected as the 2021 Rago Fellow for excellence in journalism. This grants her a 9-month internship with the Wall Street Journal.

In The Moment: Clayton Ryan Returns For A 'Moment In Sound'

Jul 9, 2021

Portions of South Dakota have seen rain the last few days. Was it enough to change the drought monitor map? Laura Edwards is the SDSU Extension State Climatologist. She joins us with insight.

How are federal dollars being used to stabilize childcare in South Dakota. We talk with Laurie Gill, Secretary of the Department of Social Services about an infusion of $25 million and what it means for families.  

Singer/songwriter Clayton Ryan returns for Moment in Sound. He'll play live from the SDPB Black Hills studios and offer a recorded new release as well.

SDPB's Laura Johnson joins us with a report on the Midco "Fiber Forward" plan and U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson's thoughts on internet infrastructure in South Dakota.

More than 56 percent of South Dakota is experiencing extreme drought. SDPB's Lee Strubinger reports on the drought's impact and relevance.

One of America's largest teacher unions is prepared to defend the teaching of what the group calls "honest history." Dakota Political Junkies Pam Carriveau and Jon Hunter join us for an analysis of the ongoing battle over critical race theory.

Farmers Business Network has released the 2021 U.S. Acreage Report. Chief Economist Kevin McNew is with us to discuss its findings.

On Sunday, NDN Collective held a protest march in Rapid City titled “The Fourth of You Lie.” SDPB's Arielle Zionts joins us to discuss the protest.

Central Bank digital currency or CBDC is the central bank's answer to Bitcoin. Morning Macro has Joe Santos discussing what the Federal Reserve's plan might be moving forward.

Harold Timmerman is the emergency management coordinator for Lincoln County. He's with us to discuss the burn ban that is in place and what it exactly means for citizens.

South Dakota's youngest drivers will face new rules when they get behind the wheel after July 1st. Dan Lusk is the deputy secretary for the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, and he will talk about compliance with the new rule.  

State Climatologist Laura Edwards is with us today for an update on drought conditions in South Dakota.

We look at suicide prevention in South Dakota with Bridget Swier. Swier is the communications and outreach director at the Front Porch Coalition in Rapid City.

Governor Kristi Noem has announced a private donation that will fund deployment of the South Dakota National Guard to the U.S. border with Mexico. State Sen. Reynold Nesiba, D-Sioux Falls joins us with his perspective on the deployment and how it is being funded.

The South Dakota Department of Health is drafting rules for the state's medical marijuana program. SDPB's Jackelyn Severin reports on Monday's town hall.  

'In the Moment' has spent the month of June exploring South Dakota rodeo traditions for our monthly SDPB spotlight coverage. We've welcomed cowboys and cowgirls, stock producers, and event producers. We've introduced you to ranch families and competitors, rodeo queens, and bucking horses.


In The Moment: Our Spotlight On Rodeo Finale

Jun 29, 2021

The United States Supreme Court has ruled on the U.S. v. Cooley case. It's a case that sought to clarify the role of a tribal officer in detaining non-tribal suspects. University of Sioux Falls Criminal Justice Professor Mike Thompson talks about the case and how it impacts South Dakota.

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender is one of seven community leaders working with President Biden on police intervention programs.

We recap a month of rodeo coverage for our June SDPB Spotlight. Today we focus on bucking horses, from stock production to competition.

Native Sun News

Siandhara Bonnet is a city reporter for the Rapid City Journal. We focus on her series of homelessness stories for today's look into a "Reporter's Notebook."

A report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation looks at data on child well-being. Xanna Burg is the KIDS COUNT® coordinator for South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana. She's with us to look further into the South Dakota numbers.

South Dakota Mines

The Oglala Lakota Tribe on the Pine Ridge Reservation has never had a dedicated structural fire department to serve its residents. The nearest response time for house fires could be up to an hour, leaving victims to watch their house and possessions burn to the ground. All that is about to change for the tribe as they developed unique partnerships to get this structural fire department off the ground. 

The Supreme Court of the United States recently ruled that police can't always enter homes when pursuing someone for minor crimes. Mike Thompson is associate professor of criminal justice at the University of Sioux Falls, he joins to discuss the case.

Richard Two Bulls discusses the partnership between South Dakota Mines and the Pine Ridge tribe to assist in constructing the reservations first structural fire department in the tribe's history.

SDPB's Kent Osborne and Amos Aesoph from Xigent Solutions join us to discuss the latest in technology news. 

Darren Clabo is South Dakota's state fire meteorologist. Today he provides the latest on the state's drought and fire conditions.

A new facility at the state fairgrounds may help South Dakota compete for national rodeo events in the future. Lee Strubinger reports.

SDSU Professor Lyle Olson retires after 45 years in journalism. He discusses his career, the Dakota Digital Network, and how a trip to China changed his outlook.

The South Dakota Democratic Party has hired a new executive director. Beginning Monday June 28, Berk Ehrmantraut will lead the party into the future. Today we discuss his vision for the party.

Marcy Drew is the new education director for South Dakota Public Broadcasting. We explore what it means to be an early learner community.

Is Governor Kristi Noem more concerned about fireworks than she is about South Dakota's vaccination rate? The Dakota Political Junkies analyze the messaging from the governor's office.

Will South Dakotans be able to legally source their medical marijuana through the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe before they find it elsewhere in the state? Joe Sneve is a reporter from the Argus Leader. He joins us for a look at his reporting for this segment of "Reporter's Notebook."

SDPB's Business and Economic Development reporter Arielle Zionts reports on Monday's naturalization ceremony at Mount Rushmore. 

South Dakota Vaccination Progress Remains Stagnant

Jun 21, 2021

The number of COVID vaccines administered in South Dakota is leveling off at less than 60 percent of the population. Health officials want the number to grow faster. 

Doctor Shankar Kurra is the vice president of medical affairs at Monument Health in Rapid City. He says about 30 percent of South Dakotans don’t want to get vaccinated. Some others want the vaccine but have trouble getting it. 

In The Moment: Rodeos, Big And Small

Jun 21, 2021

Dr. Shankar Kurra talks about South Dakota's stalled vaccination rate and what it means for our pandemic response. We also talk about the Delta variant and whether or not it is a risk for vaccinated South Dakotans.

Using a tablet to operate tractors in the field may seem futuristic, but as SDPB's Laura Johnson reports, a South Dakota company is turning that into a reality.


A federal judge has blocked the state from enforcing Senate Bill 180 (approved during the 2020 South Dakota legislative session).  The court ruling says paid petition circulators do not have to register in a state database. The law was challenged by Dakotans for Health. Victoria Wicks reports on the case. 

Senator Mike Rounds joins us for an update on the new mission at Ellsworth AFB. We also discuss bipartisan infrastructure framework.


We talk with journalist Chris Vondracek about his coverage of three U.S. Marshals Service officials facing criminal obstruction of justice and contempt of court charges in South Dakota. The genesis of the case is one deputy marshal's refusal to reveal her vaccination status.

Richard Two Bulls talks about the 53rd Art Show at the Heritage Center at Red Cloud Indian School which runs through August 15. He also talks about the addition to a SDPB boutique studio at the school and what that means moving forward.

SDPB / Joshua Haiar

In the Moment, June 16, 2021 Show 1071.

More than 54 percent of South Dakota is now impacted by severe drought. State Climatologist Laura Edwards joins us with an update.

Genna Scott profiles Jacey Hupp, a rodeo athlete who overcame an eye injury to qualify for the college national rodeo finals in Casper, Wyoming.

Dakota Political Junkies Tom Dempster & Jon Schaff join us to discuss new leadership in the state Democratic Party and early insight into who might challenge Governor Noem in 2022.

In the Moment, June 15, 2021 Show 1070.

Mark Walker is a former South Dakota journalist who now reports for the Washington bureau of the New York Times. His team reporting (on the CDC's response to the coronavirus threat) was recognized as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in the National Reporting category.

Meghann Jarchow is an associate professor at the University of South Dakota. Through a collaboration, "Land Use Explorer" kits have been created for kids to better understand the land where they live. She joins us with more.

In the Moment, June 14, 2021 Show 1069.

The 2021 Pulitzer Prizes were announced on Friday. Author Louise Erdrich has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize in Fiction for her latest book "The Night Watchman." We hear Erdrich's inspiration for the book. 

U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson discusses the role of the Problem Solvers Caucus in the great American infrastructure debate. 

The June SDPB Spotlight shines on South Dakota's rodeo traditions. Today we talk with father and son stock contractors Steve and Brent Sutton about their lives and careers in rodeo.