Missouri River Flood 2011


Observers say snowpack levels in the Northern Rockies are like those in 2011. That snowmelt in part brought historic flooding along the Missouri River basin through South Dakota.

However, those with the National Weather Service aren’t raising the alarm just yet.

Some snowpack levels in western Montana are anywhere from 120 to 130 percent above normal.

Those numbers are similar to levels in 2011, when the Missouri River flooded and displaced many people for weeks.

Personalities: The Great Flood of 1993

Apr 7, 2017
Map of the Great Flood of 1993

The Great Flood of 1993 hit the American Midwest from May to September, running along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and extending into nine states. Naturally, South Dakota was in its path. Chuck Anderson traveled to the southeast corner of the state, a particularly affected region.

He stopped in Montrose, a town of roughly 420 people seated northwest of Sioux Falls, that fell partially underwater. There, he met John Griffith and his father, Bill, who were in the process of repairing a damaged basement where a wall caved in.


Driving through the streets of Fort Pierre today, there is little sign of damage left behind from the 2011 Missouri River flood. But the mayor of Fort Pierre says it’s an event she'll never forget. This summer marks the 5th anniversary of the flood.

Gloria Hanson is a resident in Fort Pierre. Just before the Missouri River flooding began, she had just finished a remodeling project in her home, only to be told it would soon be filled with three to four feet of standing water.