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South Dakota State Historical Society

In The Moment ... April 30, 2018 Show 326 Hour 2

The U.S.S. South Dakota has an interesting history, including an unusual christening.

Matthew Reitzel is with the South Dakota State Historical Society State Archives.

In The Moment ... January 8, 2018 Show 251 Hour 1

Harold Brown served as one of America's original "Tuskegee Airmen." He flew combat missions with the 332nd Fighter Group during World War II.

His 2017 memoir is called "Keep Your Airspeed Up: The Story of a Tuskegee Airman."

He joins us for a conversation about segregation, finding hope as a POW, and how a group of men changed the face of the American military by demanding their right to serve their country in the air.

The Journey Museum

In The Moment ... November 20, 2017 Show 224 Hour 2

Corey Christianson, Journey Museum Curator of Exhibits for a look at the history and significance of Ellsworth. The Journey Museum’s exhibit is open until January.

In The Moment ... November 14, 2017 Show 219 Hour 2 

Dave Rambow is a wet plate photographer, historian, author, and actor/re-enactor. He joins us to talk about his upcoming presentation (Sunday, November 19, 2:00 p.m.) at the Old Courthouse Museum in Sioux Falls, where he portrays a WWI German Soldier.

In The Moment ... November 8, 2017 Show 216 Hour 1 

In October of 1993, Sgt Michael Goodale fought in and survived the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia. It was a bloody and brutal event that was fictionalized in the movie "Black Hawk Down."

Mike Goodale is a former Army Ranger and Purple Heart recipient. He visits Brookings tonight as part of SDSU's Warrior Week event at the South Dakota Art Museum.

In The Moment ... September 18, 2017 Show 179 Hour 2

More than 6,600 South Dakota women served their country in the armed forces. On September 29, many of them gather in community in Sioux Falls at the annual Women Veterans Conference. The event features an art exhibition, keynote speakers, and information about benefits. Joining me with more:

Brenda Fredericks, Women Veteran Program Manager for the VA Medical Center in Sioux Falls.

In the Moment ... Lessons from Afghanistan

Jul 6, 2017

In the Moment ... July 6, 2017 Show 128

Ben Jones is Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Dakota State University. He's a contributor to a new book, called "Our Latest, Longest War: Losing Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan. Today we talk about the clash of cultures in Afghanistan, how leadership in Washington dictated the pace of the transition, and what needs to happen next as America looks at sending more troops into Afghanistan .

In The Moment ... June 26, 2017 Show 122 Hour 2

This weekend marked the 141st anniversary of the The Battle of Greasy Grass, also known as the Battle of Little Bighorn. We begin hour two of In the Moment by putting the battle into context. First, author and Black Hills State University instructor Donovin Sprauge sat down with us last year at this time. He's a family descendant of both Crazy Horse and Chief Hump. He's working on a book about the two men. Donovin Sprague is also an archivist with the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

Lori Walsh

In the Moment ... June 21, 2017 Show 119 Hour 1

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... June 1, 2017 Show 105 Hour 2

Ben Jones is Dean of Arts and Sciences at Dakota State University. He's Associate Professor of History and the author of "Eisenhower's Guerillas: The Jedburghs, the Maqui, and the Liberation of France." He's taught at the Air Force Academy and has served as an advisor to the National Military Academy of Afghanistan. He has a book signing coming up at the Siouxland Libraries in Sioux Falls. That's Tuesday, June 6 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Ben Jones joins us to discuss the legacy of irregular warfare in WWII.

In The Moment ... May 30, 2017 Show 103 Hour 1

SDPB contributor Hugh Weber joins us with another helping of The Potluck Society. Today we meet inventor and robot builder Allie Weber.