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In The Moment … December 17, 2020 Show 963 Hour 1 In just a decade, South Dakota voters went from rejecting medical marijuana use, to passing it in a statewide initiative. Guest: SDPB's Lee Strubinger, politics and public policy reporter, speaks to New Approach South Dakota Executive Director Melissa Mentele.


SDPB News: July 31

Jul 31, 2020

Why is the state medical association drafting the opposition towards legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana? Plus, how will the state's largest school district plan on safely getting kids back in the classrooms?

South Dakota voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana for medical use in 2020.

South Dakota Secretary of State Steve Barnett announced the petition submitted for medical marijuana legalization was certified to appear on the 2020 general ballot.

The question is backed by efforts from New Approach South Dakota, a cannabis advocacy group. Michelle Mentele is the director of the group. She says the state should focus on the meth epidemic and allocate resources there.

Dakota Political Junkies: Surveillance Balloons

Aug 7, 2019
Joshua Haiar

In The Moment ... August 7, 2019 Show 632 Hour 2

The Pentagon is launching balloons over the Midwest, including South Dakota, for drug surveillance. The American Civil Liberties Union has conveyed concerns over privacy.

South Dakota voters could be deciding on a medical marijuana measure in November, 2020, if proponents gather enough signatures by this November.

Dakota Political Junkies Jon Hunter and Jon Schaff discuss these issues and more.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... July 11, 2018 Show 376 Hour 2

The U.S. FDA has approved the first pharmaceutical with an active ingredient derived from marijuana. Does the approval open the door for other CBD-derived medications?

Independent cadidate for the U.S. House, George Hendrickson, joined In The Moment to discuss the limitations of the new medication as well as the issues regarding medical marijuana. 

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... October 11, 2017 Show 196 Hour 2

George Hendrickson is an Independent candidate for U.S. House. He joins us for a look at his candidacy. We talk citizen democracy, Constitutional integrity, and Cannabis.

The South Dakota Attorney General is releasing two explanations for proposed initiated measure ballot questions aimed at legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana.
These statements appear on petitions that are circulated by sponsors of the measures.
A spokesperson for New Approach South Dakota says petitions could start circulating as early as next week.

Governor Dennis Daugaard says he won’t support either ballot initiative to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana.
The Republican governor says he’s never really been supportive of liberalizing marijuana laws.
The group New Approach South Dakota says they are circulating petitions to legalize cannabis in the state.
However, Daugaard says practitioners in some states will distribute medical marijuana cards as a way to make money…

Officials say the justice system needs to treat people with mental illness differently.

Understanding the misunderstanding between native and non-native cultures is a first step in closing the gap according to the Yankton Sioux Tribal chairman.

Governor Dennis Daugaard says he doesn't support liberalizing marijuana laws.

A Senate Committee considers restricting lobbyists from hallways adjacent to the Senate floor.

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A South Dakota Circuit Court judge doubled down on the Secretary of State’s denial of a medical marijuana ballot initiative.  

The Secretary of State denied a petition to place the issue of medical marijuana on the November ballot due to lack of signatures.

Aaron Eiesland is attorney for the group that collected signatures for the measure.  

He says they failed to receive proper notification that the petition failed.

As the 2016 legislative session enters its final days, the Dakota Political Junkies weigh in on last minute wrangling in Pierre, an assessment of the education overhaul, and the high stakes of medical marijuana legislation. We wrap it up with a nod to the difficult life and emotional toll of workign as a public servant in state politics.

Medical Marijuana Bill Dies In House

Mar 8, 2016

The South Dakota House of Representatives killed a bill allowing one type of medical marijuana.

Statehouse Podcast: Education Reforms Advance, Medical Marijuana Dies

Mar 8, 2016
Melissa Hamersma Sievers / SDPB

The Statehouse Podcast for March, 8th 2016 includes coverage of legislation on education, medical marijuana, changes in law for services like Uber, and more.


By a single vote, a bill to allow medical marijuana in certain situations is moving to the full House.  The House Health and Human Services Committee denied an attempt to kill Senate Bill 171.

George Hendrickson of Sioux Falls has a son who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy.  He supports Senate Bill 171, which, if passed, allows the child to treat his disorder with marijuana.  Henrickson says it’s difficult to be admitted to clinical trials to test new, more traditional medications.

Medical Marijuana Discussion Continues In Pierre

Mar 1, 2016

Members of a South Dakota House committee heard testimony on a bill allowing one form of medical marijuana. Senate Bill 171 allows the extract cannabidiol or CBD.


Dakota Digest for February 26, 2016

Feb 29, 2016

On this week's edition of Dakota Digest, education remains the top news in Pierre for the legislative session. Also, Governor Dennis Daugaard discusses medical marijuana and Medicaid expansion.

The Statehouse Podcast for February 28th, 2016 includes coverage of legislation on transgender bathrooms, possible Medicaid expansion, medical marijuana, and education funding.

Governor Considering Support Of Medical Marijuana Bill

Feb 26, 2016

Governor Dennis Daugaard is considering supporting a bill that allows one type of medical marijuana. Earlier in the session, he said he would not support Senate Bill 171. The measure has since been amended to only allow one marijuana extract.

Statehouse Podcast: Education, Abortion, Medical Marijuana

Feb 23, 2016

The Statehouse Podcast for February 23, 2016 includes coverage of legislation on education, abortion, medical marijuana , human trafficking, child pornography, and the transgender bathroom bill.  

The Statehouse Podcast for February 17th, 2016 includes coverage of bills on medical marijuana,  birth certificate sex identification and transgender people, education funding, and immunization.


A bill aiming for the legalization of medical marijuana has been amended to only allow for cannabidiol, one of the main chemical compounds found in the plant. Lawmakers haven’t decided whether or not to pass Senate Bill 171 out of committee.


Statehouse Podcast: Medical Marijuana, Death Penalty, Ed Funding

Feb 10, 2016

The Statehouse Podcast for February 10th, 2016 includes coverage of legislation on medical marijuana, the death penalty, education funding, healthcare, sex ed, and abortion.

State lawmakers heard statements on a bill allowing the use of medical marijuana in South Dakota. The measure is deferred until next week to allow for more testimony.


Statehouse Podcast: Hemp Bill Passes, Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced, Capitol Conceal Carry Fails

Feb 4, 2016
Jenifer Jones

The Statehouse Podcast for February 4th, 2016 includes coverage of legislation on industrial hemp, and medical marijuana along with a bill allowing lawmakers to carry a concealed handgun in the capitol.  The podcast also includes coverage of  a bill requiring mandatory meningitis vaccination for middle school students and a bill dealing with science curriculum requirements - plus other legislation. 


Two SD Petitions Circulate To Legalize Marijuana

Jul 16, 2015

Marijuana is becoming increasingly accepted in the United States. There are currently 2 petitions circulating South Dakota that aim to change local marijuana laws. One seeks to decriminalize one ounce or less and the other to legalize pot for medical use.